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BEST 5Vibratig toys for Kegel6月4日 ~ 6月11日

  • ミニクラッチ・スワン

    The Swan Clutch small

    15,950 yen

    The final form of vaginal training! The vagina training vibe is the final form of vaginal training! This is a popular vagina training vibe.

  • VIVI トレーニング&プレジャー

    VIVI Orgasmic Kegel Fitness

    18,040 yen

    A small dildo with a hands-free vibe. Interlocking with your smart phone for easy operation. It can be used for both self-pleasure and vaginal training, while also providing pleasant stimulation!

  • 【RianneS】 Pulsy Playball ピンク

    【RianneS】 Pulsy Playball Pink

    9,350 yen

    This is a vaginal training product that vibraThe brand is designed for women's sexual wellness, so you'll feel more like My body, My choice and more like you're working out.tes!

  • Je Joue DUA ローズ

    Je Joue DUA Fuchsia

    25,300 yen

    Explore enhanced G-spot and clitoral stimulation with Dua.You can also use it for vaginal training....you can enjoy it in dozens of ways with this one!

  • LELO ルナ・スマート・ビード

    LELO Luna Smart Bead

    15,400 yen

    It is a full-fledged vagina training vibrator that tightens and vibrates. The shape and technology of LELO, a Swedish brand, has been carefully thought out.














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