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BEST 5Fashion/Accessory11月24日 ~ 12月1日

  • レインボーデイジー ヘッドドレス

    Rainbow Daisy Headband

    1,100 yen

    A handsome daisy head accessory in 6 cute colors, you can use it for anything you can think of! It's perfect for parades and festivals!

  • レインボー蝶ネクタイ

    Rainbow Bowtie

    1,870 yen

    Rainbow Bowtie

  • レインボーストール

    Woven Rainbow Scarf

    3,300 yen

    This rainbow stole is thin and soft. It is long and wide, so you can use it like a shawl or as a shade from the sun. Incorporate rainbow into your daily fashion!

  • レインボー ネクタイ

    Rainbow Necktie

    1,870 yen

    A six-color rainbow tie with a great sense of presence. A rainbow necktie will make your suit look like a party! You can even jump into a parade! You can be active in lively scenes!

  • レインボーレイ


    440 yen

    Have a rainbow around your neck

  • fantastick Neo ファンタスティック ネオ サックス×ホワイト

    Fantastic Neo Sax×White

    8,148 yen

    A new harness and dildo set from JAPAN! Fantastick Neo is made by lesbian themselves.










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