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BEST 5Harness11月24日 ~ 12月1日

  • An Artisan's Book フェティッシュ クラフト

    Fetishcraft : An Artisan's Book of…

    4,950 yen

    This is the quintessence of the fetish.A collection of sewing patterns that allow you to make your own fetish goods such as harnesses and full face masks.

  • 【SALE20%OFF】Kiss Lead

    【SALE20%OFF】Kiss Lead

    33,000 yen

    The "Kiss Lead" is a playful item with a collar that is decorated with the lips. The collar is made of satin with an elegant sheen, and the lead is made of enameled leather.

  • Gold Python Garter Belt

    Gold Python Garter Belt

    61,600 yen
    49,280 yen

    Fraulein Kink is the hottest fetish brand in Berlin. This garter belt is made of gold python leather. The more you use it, the more it adapts to your skin and the sexier it becomes!

  • Gold Python Bra Harness

    Gold Python Bra Harness

    41,800 yen
    33,440 yen

    Fraulein Kink is the hottest fetish brand in Berlin. The coolest and most gorgeous bras made of gold python leather!

  • Noir Harness

    Noir Harness

    44,000 yen
    35,200 yen

    Velvet collar. Noble black harnesses that couldn't be better. From Germany's hottest fetish brand right now!














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