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    1,650 yen

    Original pin badge from NEW YORK TOY COLLECTIVE, a toy company founded by the parties involved. The center is a moving dial that allows you to express your pronoun from "SHE", "HE", and "THEY".

  • exsens ニップルクリーム PEACHY KEEN

    exsens PEACHY KEEN

    2,200 yen

    The Peach Flavored Nipple Cream is delicious and make feels good to put on, tastes good to lick, and can be enjoyed by two people together!

  • Dame ブルーソックス

    Dame blue socks

    2,530 yen

    Rethink the gender disparity in orgasm from the feet up! The path to orgasm is not only in Toys, it's in something everyone can take advantage of.

  • 【Unbound】ZIP(ジップ)


    3,300 yen

    Your first toy is here! Powerful and smooth silicone tip for finger presses. Waterproof design.

  • TSUNO パンティライナー

    TSUNO Panty Liner

    770 yen

    Eco, Ethical and Empowerment! Made from only two materials, natural bamboo and corn. 50% of the profits will be donated to projects supporting women in Africa!

  • exsens ニップルクリーム CRAZY LOVE CHERRY


    2,200 yen

    The Cherry Flavored Nipple Cream is delicious and make feels good to put on, tastes good to lick, and can be enjoyed by two people together!

  • exsens ニップルクリーム OH MY STRAWBERRY


    2,200 yen

    Close the distance between the two of you! A delicious nipple cream with strawberry flavour. It feels much more sensitive and stimulating than usual.

  • KAMA SUTRA WORKOUT BOOK カーマスートラ ワークアウト ブック


    2,860 yen

    This is a how-to book with pop-up illustrations for 300 different positions. This book shows you the energy consumption of both men and women, the flexibility required, and which muscles to use.

  • SENSUVA ターンオンハーライト【チョコレート】5ml

    Sensuva ON Chocolate Flavored Female Arousal Oil

    3,300 yen

    Finally, an arousal product that's as delicious as it is powerful!

  • プレゼントラッピング包装

    Gift wrapping

    330 yen

    Special wrapping for present !

  • フェミニスト アクティビティ ブック

    Feminist Activity Book

    2,200 yen

    This is a how-to book for practicing feminism in an easy to understand and fun way. By writing in the book like a game, you can create your own unique book of feminism!

  • Naughty Knots

    Naughty Knots

    2,200 yen

    The image of bondage will change. It's fun to look at! A stylish, cute and safe "knot-tying" instruction book! Tie up your entire body beautifully with easy-to-understand illustrations.

  • レインボー ネクタイ

    Rainbow Necktie

    1,870 yen

    A six-color rainbow tie with a great sense of presence. A rainbow necktie will make your suit look like a party! You can even jump into a parade! You can be active in lively scenes!

  • マッサージオイル リラックス


    2,547 yen

    You'll feel like you're in a tropical spa! Organic massage oil with the elegant and luxurious scent of coconut and lemongrass.

  •  マッサージオイル アウェイク


    2,547 yen

    When you want to be refreshed! Organic massage oil with a fresh scent of fresh grapefruit like fruit.

  • Polaroid Love Notes

    Polaroid Love Notes

    2,750 yen

    Designed to look like real Polaroids, dreamy collection captures a tender moment that instantly sends a message of love. Envelops included.

  • 【exsens】リップグロス・センセーション

    exsens Lip Sensation

    3,080 yen

    Just put a right amount on your lips and... This Lip gloss would give you the the Warming & Cooling effect!

  • ラブパール・ライト

    SinFive Light

    3,300 yen

    SinFive Emigi Love Pearl for the beginner of PC muscle training!










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