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    1,980 yen

    An oil-based lotion with the gentle scent of honey and a hint of sweetness. From the organic amenity brand LUVLOOB comes a safe and secure organic oil lotion refined only from plant-derived ingredient

  • 【Good Clean Love】  センシュアルオイル キット

    Good Clean Love Sensual Essences Kit

    1,980 yen

    This sensual scented essential oil for the whole body comes in a mini-bottle set of three different scents. Safe for use in the mouth and vagina

  • Sexy Serum by JAVA

    Sexy Serum by JAVA

    3,080 yen

    A stimulating and sensual caffeine infused massage oil, JAVA SEXY SERUM creates a smooth and pleasant sensation with a silky, rich texture. A 100% natural lube with a blend of skin-friendly oils.

  • YES インティメイト・オイルローション OB 40mL

    YES OB natural plant-oil based lubricant 40mL

    1,980 yen

    It's incredibly lubricating, long-lasting, hypoallergenic, and gentle on the skin, so you can use it with confidence.


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