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BEST 5sale7月5日 ~ 7月12日

  • 【50%OFF】レインボーバンド

    【50%OFF】Rainbow Pride Wristband

    330 yen
    165 yen

    Rainbow Band

  • 【SALE】ロマンスフラワー

    Flower of Romance

    6,600 yen
    3,300 yen

    Strong Rubber Padle

  • Kiss Gloves

    Kiss Gloves

    27,500 yen
    22,000 yen

    A tulle glove with cute leather lips and a mole sewn into it. The glove comes with a hand cuff and is designed to be used in a variety of ways. It comes packaged in the brand's signature mesh bag.

  • French Veil

    French Veil

    19,800 yen
    15,840 yen

    The shimmering white Swarovski on the comb and the subtle black Swarovski embellishments on the veil add a touch of adult luxury.

  • Lolita Crop

    Lolita Crop

    24,750 yen
    19,800 yen

    This sweet short whip is seamless in every detail. The wooden handle is coated with leather for durability and practicality.

  • Gold Lace Paddle

    Gold Lace Paddle

    26,400 yen
    21,120 yen

    Lacy gold leather and rabbit fur spanking paddle. You can play with the leather side and the fur side in two ways. This collection is individually handcrafted by the women of Berlin.

  • Nenette Collar

    Nenette Collar

    14,850 yen
    11,880 yen

    Black patent leather with rose gold Swarovski sparkles! A simple color that will flatter your neck and décolletage.

  • Golden Ivory Bondage Lasso 5M

    Golden Ivory Bondage Lasso 5M

    11,000 yen
    8,800 yen

    From Berlin! A taste of handmade gorgeousness! This bondage rope is made of 100% rayon and is comfortable to the touch and functional. It has a gold jewel at the end.

  • Nenette Kitten Mask

    Nenette Kitten Mask

    19,800 yen
    15,840 yen

    Fräulein Kink is a luxury lifestyle brand specializing in high end bondage fashion accessories.

  • Gold Python Bra Harness

    Gold Python Bra Harness

    41,800 yen
    33,440 yen

    Fraulein Kink is the hottest fetish brand in Berlin. The coolest and most gorgeous bras made of gold python leather!

  • Golden Python Crop

    Golden Python Crop

    44,000 yen
    35,200 yen

    A gold whip made of supple snakeskin. The beauty, its softness, its sound, everything about it is the coolest! 

  • Gold Python Garter Belt

    Gold Python Garter Belt

    61,600 yen
    49,280 yen

    Fraulein Kink is the hottest fetish brand in Berlin. This garter belt is made of gold python leather. The more you use it, the more it adapts to your skin and the sexier it becomes!

  • KINK Handcuff & Collar

    KINK Handcuff & Collar

    33,000 yen
    26,400 yen

    Collar and cuff set. Connected by a delicate gold chain.Black lace, black fur and black studs. It is very comfortable to wear and is cool and feminine.

  • Noir Harness

    Noir Harness

    44,000 yen
    35,200 yen

    Velvet collar. Noble black harnesses that couldn't be better. From Germany's hottest fetish brand right now!

  • SpecialKitten Mask Gold stitched

    SpecialKitten Mask Gold stitched

    33,000 yen
    26,400 yen

    From the Berlin-based brand "Fraulein Kink", the perfect patent leather Cat ears and black fringe. It can also be used as an eye mask.

  • Golden Python Cuff

    Golden Python Cuff

    18,480 yen
    14,784 yen

    Berlin's hottest fetish brand, Fraulein Kink, is a fluffy The combination of rabbit fur and python leather is cool. This cuff is for one hand.

  • Nenette Bondage Lasso 5M

    Nenette Bondage Lasso 5M 

    11,000 yen
    8,800 yen

    This bondage rope is made of 100% rayon and is comfortable to the touch, but also functional. A beautiful rope that doesn't harm or hurt your skin, but binds you securely.

  • French Kiss Mask

    French Kiss Mask

    27,500 yen
    22,000 yen

    French Kiss is the perfect balance of cute and sexy, pop but high quality. Mask, a special accessory for parties, events and special occasions!

  • Kiss Noir Lead

    Kiss Noir Lead

    33,000 yen
    26,400 yen

    The "Kiss Lead" is a playful item with a collar that is decorated with the lips. The collar is made of satin with an elegant sheen, and the lead is made of enameled leather.






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