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How to choose toys for anus

The prostate can be stimulated through a man’s anus and is one of the best spots for sexual pleasure. We have toys for stimulating his or your own anus(unfortunately there is no spot inside a woman’s anus which takes her to ecstacy). The anus is very delicate and easily damaged, so please choose toys which are safe for anal sex as there is a high risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Q I want to stimulate his prostate!
A Anal sex brings strong titillation for men, but less for women. Among the different types of sexual activities, there is the highest risk of transmission of STD(sexually transmitted diseases) with anal sex as it often damages the skin. Please ensure you enjoy safe sex.

☆Best three recommended toys for anus☆

Q Which vibrator or toys do you recommend for anal sex?
A For anal sex, choose a vibrator or toy with a stopper at the bottom so that it won’t be completely drawn in. Here are our recommendations!

☆Best three recommended toys for anus☆

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