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How to choose items for pelvic floor exercise

Training the inner muscles will improve the shape of your waist. Orgasm for women is in fact a contraction of the muscles which run from the pubic bone to the coccygeal bone. If you train these muscles, you will be able to enjoy deeper orgasms. If you are having sex with men, you will enjoy a closer feeling. Let’s find the right item for your pelvic floor exercise.

Q I have never done the pelvic floor exercises. What do you recommend?
A You only need to insert this in order to train your pelvic floor muscles. If you find it a bit too big, as it is based on European sizing, we recommend the slightly smaller ‘Love Pearl’. Our most popular product is ‘Smart Ball’.

☆Best three recommended☆

Q I have incontinence when I sneeze or cough. Is there anything I can do?
A If you train the muscles which run from the pubic bone to the coccygeal bone, you should be able to improve incontinence. Although you can train these inner muscles without using anything, they can be developed quickly and effectively by using these items.

☆Best three recommended☆

Q Anything to help immediately?
A Use these an hour before having sex. They are great items for tightening those muscles quickly.
Q Sex doesn’t make me feel good now I have had a child.
A Some may find it hard to reach orgasm if the pelvic floor muscles got stretched. You can train these muscles and get the sensation back.

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