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How to choose dildos

The origin of ‘dildo’ comes from the Latin word which means ‘making people enjoy’. Some may prefer ones which focus on the G-spot,the others on the clitoris – just enjoy inserting whichever one you like in whatever way you like! That is how you have fun with dildos. Let’s find the perfect one for you together!

Q I like dildos which are very realistic in shape, texture, and touch.
A We recommend dildos which use a material called ‘cyberskin’ which is designed to resemble human skin. Also there is an inner core which means that when you grab it, it feels like holding a real penis.
Q I am looking for vibrators which don't look like a penis.
A You can leave this one in your room without worrying about other people finding it as it does not resemble a vibrator.

☆Best three recommended dildos☆

Q How do you choose double-headed dildos?
A Double-headed dildos will not slip out of your vagina when inserted two people at the same time with lots of movement. As we have found it difficult to source double-headed dildos made by safe materials in Japan, we import them from Europe or the U.S. Some Asian women find them quite big but we are sure that you will find one the right size and shape if you choose it with your partner.

☆Best three recommended dildos☆

Q Can I still use dildos even if I never had sex with men?
A You can enjoy dildos fully even if you never had a penetrative sex with men. The What is called ‘virginal membrane’ is a crease which will become thinner with friction. Too much friction can lead to bleeding, so apply some lotion to favorite size dildos. The slim dildos have a natural curve which makes them easy to insert.

☆Best three recommended dildos☆

Q Which dildos are suitable to use with a harness?
A Dildos with a big base are the best for sex using a harness. Our silicon dildos including double-headed ones can be used with a harness, but the best three dildos to use with harness are here!
Q Do you have any dildos with vibrations?
A We have dildos into which you can insert vibrators and that feel nice inside your vagina. You can also use them attached to a harness if you take out the vibrator.

☆Best three recommended dildos☆

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