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How to choose toys for men

Why don't you try these toys designed to bring more pleasure for men and enjoy sex together?

Q I want to give better stimulation to his penis.
A For men, their penis is the best erogenous zone. There is a great selection of toys to use on his penis to make him feel great apart from using your mouth or hands!

☆Best three recommended toys for men☆

Q My boyfriend doesn't want to use condoms. What can I do?
A It is probably best to finish with men like this. However, you can educate them! Bring condoms which makes it fun to use them. One of the common reasons why men don't like using condoms is that they are using the wrong-sized condom which makes them feel uncomfortable. Nothing is worse than having too tight or too loose a condom on the penis. It is very important to find the right-sized condom which fits on the penis. Some thinner ones or ones with lotions actually bring greater enjoyment than penetration without condoms.

☆Best three recommended toys for men☆

Q I want to see him reaching orgasm!
A Suck his penis to death! Pay attention to all parts of his penis. If you get tired, or are not good at blow jobs, try these toys to help you.

☆Best three recommended toys for men☆

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