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V-Line Hair Trimmer
V-Line Hair Trimmer

V-Line Hair Trimmer

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Length:157mm Diameter:20mm AAÁEpcs Made in Japan

販売価格:¥3,960 (tax included)
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Item Number: 03090273〜03090274

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Say Goodvye to irritation and rough skin after shaving your bikini line. This V-line hair trimmer is the one for you. The electrothermally-heated cutter gives you a smooth and rounded end ot the tip of the hair. Easy and safe to operate, structurally it is designed so that heat will never touch the skin. By placing the trimmer over pubic hair as if combing the hair, the hair will be burnt softly and cut short. once my sex-worker friend recommended burning pubic hair with matches as too much can be a nuisance. Yet burning with matches was very dangerous and difficult! With this trimmer, you can control the pubic hair as you like no matter how thick it is. This easiest and most effective way to keep hair trimmed -- this item is a MUST when wearing swimming suits.

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