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Lubericant※About material and ingredient

Use Lubes for the woman’s sexual health… Useful for masturbating, sex and… anytime! Lubes are not common yet in Japan however we would propose lubes to ever one as “necessities” for sex!

BEST 511/10~11/17

  • first lubricant

    first lubricant

  • To release from ache

    To release from ache

    There would be varies reason for the pain caused by friction of the sex. Could be because of vaginal atrophy, skin damages and so on. If you feel the pain for the inserting, we would strongly recommend you to use the Lubes. Especially if you feel like you need more moisture use lubes for the sexual intercourse would make your Moisture life smooth and comfortable.

  • Stimulating Lubricant

    Stimulating Lubricant

    Gel, cream and oil to make you feel more sensitive.

  • Delicious Lubricant

    Delicious  Lubricant

    We only handle the “body safe” products especially for the lubes. But it's actually hard to find a tasty one? LPC selections of lickable, body safe and tasty lubes,

  • Single-use Lube

    Single-use Lube

    When bottoles are too heavy to carry around...When you just want to try everything...When you want to find your favorite... Single-use packages are available here!

  • Moisturizing lotion

    Moisturizing lotion

  • Hypoallergenic/Organics


    Lubes made of organically made material, Paraben free and glycerin free. Very natural mad e lubes for the extra sensitive and allergic skin type.

  • For Anal Sex

    For Anal Sex

    Anal is very delicate and sensitive so it could cause the highly risk of STD. Therefore, it is important top use silicone lubes to protect the skin from the friction. This category is for the lubes to enjoy the anal sex.

  • Silicone Lubrcant

    Silicone Lubrcant

    Silicone based lube. Coarse-textured and protects your skin. Suitable for anal sex.

  • oilbased lubricant

    oilbased lubricant

  • Sliquid Series

    Sliquid Series

    Silquid lube series’ policy is physically and environmentally healthy. Using recycle bottle, and taking care for the environment from the production process. Silquid “Organic” is made of organic made material. “Natural” is made with very simple ingredients. Also there are “Flavor” series to enjoy more with fun as well. Find your favorite!




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