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BEST 5NewYorkToy Collective4月12日 ~ 4月19日



    1,650 yen

    Original pin badge from NEW YORK TOY COLLECTIVE, a toy company founded by the parties involved. The center is a moving dial that allows you to express your pronoun from "SHE", "HE", and "THEY".

  • NYTC ダブルサイド・サクションカップ


    1,650 yen

    Your dildo will be transformed into a sucker-type dildo or a two-headed dildo! You can glue it to a tile or a chair to enjoy a backseat or a cowgirl position.

  • NYTC SAM タチション用ディルド キャラメル


    10,388 yen

    SAM Stand To Pee is created by FTM for FTM people. If you can’t make up your mind to undergo a reassignment surgery, SAM STP will help. This device helps you to be able to stand to pee and support yo

  • NYTCリアルディルド・シーロ キャラメル

    New York Toy Collective Shilo Caramel

    22,407 yen

    New Realistic dildos from New York Toy Collective. Bend the dildo as you like.
    Functional and realistic best selling dildos.

  • NYTCパックディルド・アーチャー スモール

    New York Toy Collective Archer Small Caramel

    5,940 yen

    NYTC, a dildo company that makes dildos from the perspective of the people involved, makes dildos for authentic daily use. It's soft and light and creates a natural puffiness.

  • NYTC ミニパックディルド・ピエール スモール

    New York Toy Collective Pierre Small

    5,940 yen

    Real dildos made by the parties involved. It is very small and light and can be tucked into your pants on a daily basis.This is a real dildo designed for temporary phimosis.










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