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First women-run sex shop in Japan since 1996

Love Piece Club is a sex shop run exclusively by and for women founded in 1996, Since then it has received lots of attention from the media as the first women-centered adult products store and very positive feedback from our ever expanding customer base.
As a company we strongly believe that it is important for women to be able to enjoy sex taking the lead and having a positive attitude. Knowing what pleases you is a special treat for your body and soul. Masturbation is neither something to be of ashamed of or wrong. It is your love for yourself which makes sex by yourself or with someone else enjoyable.
Therefore the sex toys we choose are pleasure giving from a women’s perspective. As they will be used for our bodies we carefully select the best products from international suppliers based on safety, design, and functionality.

Our policy

Love Piece Club comes from a female perspective in support of women's sex lives, offers products which are safe to use on our bodies and protects our customers' privacy,

As a company we strongly believe that it is important for women to be able to enjoy sex taking the lead and having a positive attitude.
For women to be able to take the lead in pursuit of her pleasures, we carefully select the best products available from international suppliers.
These are chosen from a women's perspective with high regard for the safety of women's bodies and attention given to design and functionality.

We are deeply committed in ensuring security at our shopping site and protecting customers' privacy.

Our history

Love Piece Club started in 1996.

Love Piece Club started in 1996 when Minori Kitahara, a founder of LPC, created a vibrator for women.
In 1998, a second shop 'Made in Love' was opened in Aoyama, Minato-ward(currently closed). Since 2000, LPC has been holding a regular women-only event called 'Onna-Matsuri'(Women's Festival) and has supported the promotion of the lesbian-themed animation film 'Prica-chan'.
We have also supported the LGBT community by sponsoring Tokyo Pride Parade. Forming a network of manufacturers for sex toys for women, we are increasingly gaining international recognition.

Our showroom

For a good online shopping experience, we provide a photo of the product and factual explanations which give our customers a clear idea of what they are like in order to avoid disappointment.
However, for those who would like to see the products before making a decision, we have opened our showroom. Although we cannot present the whole range of our products in our showroom due to regulatory restrictions, there are still plenty of colourful toys for you to enjoy exploring.
We do ask that men on their own, or groups which include more than two men do not enter the showroom. Your co-operation in this matter is appreciated.
Showroom Map and Policy

Message from LPC Founder, Minori Kitahara

Welcome to Love Piece Club!

Love Piece Club is a paradise for women and a woman’s world. Back in 1996 we started LPC to help women to fully enjoy their bodies and pursue the heights of sexual pleasure in all different ways.

From the beginning and to this day I dislike the use of such words such a ‘womanly’ and ‘unwomanly’.
These words support oppressive concepts held about women by implying that there are particular ways in which women should behave and express themselves which then restricts women's freedom to pursue pleasure on their own terms.
My motivating aspiration for starting LPC is the hope that as women we can liberate ourselves from -restrictive words like 'womanly' and enjoy all aspects of being a woman finding out what really gives us pleasure.
I don’t want to be restricted by constructs of what women ‘should’ be - I just love being a woman and love women deeply.Love Piece Club is not love and peace yet it is about love 'piece'.
I named it with the meaning of 'piece of love' and 'love yourself (your piece)'.
Piece of love is about love goods. Lets have uninhibited fun, free from the constraints society attached to the female body.

Profile of Minori Kitahara
Minori was born in 1970 in Yokohama city, Japan. After studying education at Tsuda College, she progressed to postgraduate study in educational psychology at Japan Women's University.
After leaving her studies, she took a job as an editor for a male adult magazine. Critical of the lack of information on sex for women, she focused her undergraduate and postgraduate study mainly on sex education.
In 1996, she set up a web content production company with some friends. In the process of making websites for clients, she encountered the world of online women-centred adult goods shops overseas.
The women who ran these shops come from the women's liberation movements of the 1970s and ran their businesss from a feminist perspective.. It was these women who inspired her to create a women-friendly vibrator and set up Love Piece Club.
As well as running her business she has had an active presence in the community as a radio and TV commentator. as well as writing on the topic of gender and sex.
Currently she presents 'Glomourous Love' on FM FUJI every Friday from 25:15am.
She has also presented the internet radio programme Bababoshi (http://www.bababoshi.com) Her published works include 'Hachimitsu Vibration (honey vibration)' (Kawade Shobo Shinsha) and 'Onna naki (women's cry)' (Shobunsha)..Twitter account : minorikitahara@twitter.com Blog : http://www.onnamedia.com

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