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How our products are packed

How our products are packed

All our products are carefully hand-packed by our staff. We do not touch the toys and ensure that there is enough padding to protect them.We also pack in a way which minimizes waste.
In addition, anything which could indicate that the package contains sex products is removed from the outer box and we send them in the original toy case or package as long as there is no association with sex goods.
Working as a small team, we try to meet the requests of our customers as far as possible, for example by removing excess DVD packaging . Please let us know about any packaging requests you may have.

Environmentally friendly packaging

We use simple but strong packaging minimizing the impact on the environment. If there are any explicit illustrations, photos or instructions on the package, our staff will remove them before packing.
We do not touch our products directly and carefully hand-pack them.

※We do not get rid of all packaging, we only remove it if it contains nudity or material of sexually explicit nature or it is packed in a way which implies adult materials.

Free gift wrapping for presents

  • More and more people are giving sex goods to partners or friends. We can wrap up your choice of toy to make a surprise gift which is usually very well received.
    You can choose the colour of ribbons and wrapping paper so please indicate your preferences when ordering.

  • We respond to the color of hope ribbon and paper
    We respond to the color of hope ribbon and paper

FAQ on packaging

QWhat does the packaging look like?
ABasically we send our product in a white cardboard box (or brown envelope). From the outside no one can tell there is sex goods inside. In the attached document, 'Love Piece Club' does not appear. We can name our products as 'cosmetics' or 'PC products' if you wish. We usually send the packages with no mention of the product name.
QI would like to purchase a DVD but don’t want the packaging; can you send it without it?
AWe can send a DVD taking the picture out of the package. If you wish us to do this please state 'no packaging' hen you order.
QI want to give sex goods as gifts at a party; can you wrap them individually?
AYes we can do this for you for free. In fact many of our customers use our products as surprise gifts. We can choose wrapping to match the party theme/style. All gifts have a detachable label so you know what is inside.

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