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BEST 5SEX & MISCHIEF3月17日 ~ 3月24日

  • アジャスタブルハンドカフ

    Adjustable Handcuffs

    1,980 yen

    Even though they are made of soft cloth, they are very hard handcuffs. Easy to restrain with Velcro! You can easily adjust it! It has enough length so you can play with it as much as you like♡

  • ラブバー

    Spread the Love Bar

    4,180 yen

    Restraints with a hard-core bar. It's easy with the Velcro, but the four belts couldn't be more restrained!

  • ビギナーズハンドカフ

    Beginner's Handcuffs

    1,980 yen

    For all SM beginners! Strong Velcro wrist restraints. The inside is felt fabric that gently pats your wrist so as not to damage your skin.

  • アジャスタブルロープ

    Adjustable Rope Restraints

    2,420 yen

    Soft to the touch. Functional restraints that can be used for very hard play.


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