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FAQ on making order

QI ordered through your mobile site. But I received no confirmation email from you.
APlease check your settings for incoming mail from PC.
QI made an order yet there was no automated confirmation email sent to me.
AI am afraid that in some cases our automated confirmation email will be sent to a junk mail folder. Could you please check your junk email folder? If there is no email in the folder, please contact us by email or telephone. Even if you didn't receive our confirmation email, in most cases your email usually reaches us.
QDo you have other items which are not shown on your catalogue?
AWe always update our website with the latest products. However, the catalogue may not always have our latest products as it is only published once a year. We present our best sellers and core products in the catalogue.

FAQ on delivery

QCan you use a courier which is not Sagawa-Express?
AWe can send your purchase using Yamato Transport or Yu-pack. Please indicate this in the box when ordering. (For customers living in Okinawa or remote islands, we can only offer shipping by Yu-pack. Please accept our apologies.)
QI feel anxious about receiving my order at home as I live with my family.
AYou can choose the time of delivery or the post office from where you pick up your order. In addition, we can send our products with contents listed as ‘books’ or use a personal name as sender.. Please indicate this in the box on the form if you wish when ordering. We can send to a personal or a company's name if you wish. In this case, it will be delivered with a sender of 'Delivered by XXX (our registered company name) at the request of (customer's name)'.
QCan we specify the time of delivery?
AYou can choose the time of delivery from different options; morning before noon, 12am to 2pm, 2pm to 4pm, 4pm to 6pm or 6pm to 9pm except certain areas such as remote islands. However, we are afraid that sometimes there may be a delay due to traffic or weather conditions.
QCan you send my order under the name of a different shop, such as Rakuten shop?
AWe can send our products under the name of our registered corporate name, instead of ‘Love Piece Club’, or under a personal or another company’s name if you wish.. In this case, it will be delivered with a sender of 'Delivered by XXX (our registered company name) at the request of (customer's name)'. We cannot use the name of an existing company such as 'Rakuten shop'.
QI live on a small island which is a part of Okinawa prefecture. How much does it cost to deliver your products here?
AOur delivery charge is 400 yen to all domestic destinations including Okinawa and remote islands. For Okinawa and remote, we will send our goods by Yu-pack with the same delivery charge (400 yen) applied. (If you wish to pay cash on delivery, a handling fee of 300 yen will be added. If you choose to receive the products at the post office, the delivery charge will be 600 yen).
QI meet my partner once a month at a hotel. Can you deliver to the hotel?
AWe can deliver our products to a hotel if we know the date, although we cannot bring them to the hotel in person. Please let us know the name of the hotel, your name, and your room number (if possible) with the date you will be staying there. If you inform the staff at the hotel about your delivery, it will help ensure a smooth transaction.

FAQ regarding return and exchange of products

QYou say some products are non-returnable. Does a cooling-off period not apply to these purchases?
AA cooling-off period does not legally apply to all mail-order purchases. Due to the nature of the products we sell, we cannot accept any return or exchange at a customer's request without good reason. However, if you have any questions or feedback, please get back to us.
QWhat I received is very different to that which I expected; Can I return it?
AWe attach a photo of the product and provide explanations in order to give our customers an idea of our products in order to avoid disappointment. However, if the product is not what you expected, please let us know, We can exchange it for another product or refund it as you wish. Please note that the customer pays for any delivery charge on returns or exchanges.
QMy purchase broke after using it just once; Can I return it?
AWe aim to provide sex products of the highest quality by carrying out a rigorous inspection. We stop selling any products which have been found faulty but many of our customers and contact the supplier to give feedback on how the product can be improved.. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused by faulty products. Please contact us as soon as possible if your product is found to be faulty. We will do our best to rectify the situation and will exchange any products that are found to be faulty and pay any delivery charges incurred.

FAQ on privacy

QCan you use any other courier than Sagawa-Express?
AWe can deliver our products through other couriers such as Yamato Transport or Yu-pack (offered by the Japan Post service). If this is the case please indicate your preference when placing your order. (For customers living in Okinawa or remote islands, only Yu-pack is available as a delivery option. Please accept our apologies for this.)
QAm I going to receive direct mail from you or others?
ALove Piece Club regards protecting the privacy of our customers as of the utmost t importance. You will never receive any direct mails from other companies as a result of purchasing our products. Please be assured that your privacy is securely protected and enjoy your shopping. Should customers wish they will receive a twice yearly invitation to our sale, it will be sent in a sealed, non-transparent envelope. If you wish to receive these invitations please tick the box requesting a catalogue when placing an order.
QI feel anxious about receiving my purchases as I am living with my family.
AYou can decide when (date and time) you would like to receive your purchase. Also you can receive it at a post office either near your home or work if you prefer. We can label our product as 'documents' or the sender can be a personal name. Please let us know how you would like your products to be delivered by providing details when placing your order.. We can also send it in another person or company's name. In this case it will be from XXX(our registered corporate name)upon request from XXX (your name)'.
QCan you remove my personal information after I have registered?
Ae can remove and destroy your personal information any time at your request. If you cannot remove this online yourself, please let us know so that we can help. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

FAQ on making payment

QWhat is the quickest way to receive my order?
AIf you make an order before 5pm, we can dispatch your order on the same day in the following cases: either it will be paid by cash on delivery or you can fax us the confirmation of your payment through bank transfer (if bank transfer is made after 3pm or payment is made at the post office) or by credit card. We do our best to ensure that deliveries are made on the date and at a time best for our customers.
QCan I use American Express(Amex) card?
AYou can use your Amex card through paypal. We can take Master Card, Visa Card, JCB Card or Amex Card for shopping with us.
QCan I make a payment using credit cards through my mobile?
AOf course you can use credit cards through your mobile regardless of the amount of payment.

FAQ on packaging

QWhat does the packaging look like?
ABasically we send our product in a white cardboard box (or brown envelope). From the outside no one can tell there is sex goods inside. In the attached document, 'Love Piece Club' does not appear. We can name our products as 'cosmetics' or 'PC products' if you wish. We usually send the packages with no mention of the product name.
QI would like to purchase a DVD but don’t want the packaging; can you send it without it?
AWe can send a DVD taking the picture out of the package. If you wish us to do this please state 'no packaging' hen you order.
QI want to give sex goods as gifts at a party; can you wrap them individually?
AYes we can do this for you for free. In fact many of our customers use our products as surprise gifts. We can choose wrapping to match the party theme/style. All gifts have a detachable label so you know what is inside.

FAQ on membership registration

QDo we have to be a member to order?
AYou can enjoy shopping with us even if you are not a member! We hope we can offer the best shopping experience for all our customers.
QDo we receive an e-newsletters or direct mails if we become a member?
AYou can choose whether to subscribe to our e-newsletter or not. Our catalogue will only be sent to those who request it. When you register your membership you can decide as to whether you want our e-newsletter and/or catalogue. Please indicate your preference.
QWhat is the difference between LPC sweet member and Love-P chan club member?
ALPC sweet membership is for those who shop with us and Love-P chan club membership is for those just subscribing to our e-newsletter.
QCan I be a LPC sweet member although I have never bought anything from you yet?
AOf course!If you become a LPC sweet member, you can put your choice of items on a ‘wish list’.t. You can keep them for future special occasions and gifts which you plan to purchase in the future.

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