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BEST 5Love not war3月24日 ~ 3月31日

  • 【Love Not War】Kama カーマ

    【Love Not War】Kama

    15,400 yen

    Highly functional 2way toy that can be used as both an insertion toy and a surface rotor. It is perfect for those who aren't comfortable with large toys but want to stimulate the inside of the toy.

  • 【Love Not War】Gra グラ

    【Love Not War】Gra

    15,400 yen

    Highly functional 2-way mini toy that can be used as both an insertion toy and a rotor. It is slender and slim, but the tip is soft and plush, so you can feel the sensation of insertion.

  • 【Love Not War】Meile ミール

    【Love Not War】Meile

    13,200 yen

    Unique toy with a small ball at the tip for pinpoint stimulation. We recommend using it together with both of you, as if you were applying it to your partner to tickle them.

  • 【Love Not War】Laska ラスカ

    【Love Not War】Laska

    13,200 yen

    Fun by clipping! A new concept in rabbit design toys. Two cute ears vibrate silently but powerfully! Delivers erotic vibrations from both sides between clitoris and nipples!

  • 【Love Not War】Amore アモーレ

    【Love Not War】Amore

    13,200 yen

    Stylish lipstick-shaped toy. The leading edge has no core, so it is fluffy! Press it tightly, trace it, or let it run along. The diagonal cut makes it easy to adjust the angle.














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