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Safer Sex※About material and ingredient

STD (sexually Transmitted Disease) are brought and infected by the contact of wounds and Mucosas. Let’s be more mindful for Safe sex with items!

BEST 56月7日 ~ 6月14日

  • Soap


    All you need for a safer sex life is hygiene! Clean environment! Clean fingers! It's very risky for vaginas, especially if your male partner's penis is dirty. It is suitable for all genders and should be used for safer sex. To enjoy it to the fullest, a clean sex environment is essential for both penis and vagina!

  • Condoms


    We accept order from just one to box of condom. There are also sizes from small to large. Choose the best size and keep ”Safe Sex” in your mind.

  • Dam&Glove


    When you want to enjoy anal sex or hard sex, gloves and finger sacks are a necessity. This dam is also a must-have for oral sex. They are of medical quality, so you can use them with confidence.

  • Cleaner


    Hygiene and cleanliness of the environment, hands, fingers and toys are keys for safer sex. Those toys and cleaners are for keep the toys clean and prevent the increase of bacteria.

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