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The Findom Value Pack
The findom value pack is now available! “Safer” and “feel better” than the bare skin. Only 0.06mm in thickness. This thin and transparent latex offers you a natural fit.

The Findom Value Pack

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● Materials: Latex/silicone oil
● Diameter: 20mm
● Length: 80mm

販売価格:¥1,210 (tax included)
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The findom value pack is now available! “Safer” and “feel better” than the bare skin. Only 0.06mm in thickness. This thin and transparent latex offers you a natural fit. And a lubricated surface helps you to wear and insert smoothly. Available for finger and anal sex as well as when you use kegel balls or sanitary goods! Delivered in the Love Piece Club original package.

Do you still believe that condoms aren’t necessary for fingering, anal sex and lesbian sex?
“Safer sex” means not only for “prevent pregnancies” but preventing sexually-transmitted diseases(STD) is important too. STD is transmitted by the body fluid or blood touching an injury or mucous membranes. What if hangnails or long nails damage the vagina or anus?

The findom is a finger condom to protect the venerable vagina or anus while fingering. We already have a finger condom called “Fingerdom”, but there have been many requests for more comfortable one. This Findom 120% meet the needs and offers more comfortable and safer sex for you and your partner.

When you wear it, you must be surprised with its comfy feeling.
The transparent latex is only 0,06mm and you feel as if you wear nothing on your fingers. The elastic latex don’t disturb finger movement and free from tightness. It feels so natural as if it becomes a part of your skin and it gives you and your partner a really natural feeling when insert. And the fruit flavored silicone oil covering the findom helps you to wear it quickly without spoiling the mood!
Designed to fit into fingers and prevent from slipping off.
Each findom is packed to keep it hygienic.

Well, the findom is not only for sex with partner, but useful for...

● For solo pleasure
This easy-to-wear and easy-to-dispose findom is the perfect for solo pleasure! And a perfect item for protecting your nails.

● Covering toys
This is also good for covering small rotors or clitoris parts of vibrators which are too big for the “toy skin” to cover. (※The findom is covered with the silicone oil, so can not be used for silicone toys)

● When you use a tampon or a moon cup
Love Piece Club’s tampons have no applicator and you need to insert it with your fingers. You need to do in the same way when you use a moon cap too. With the findom, you can prevent fingers from scratching the vagina when you use a tampon or a moon cap and the oil covering the findom will help smooth insertion.

●When you use kegel balls
Kegel balls are unchangeable small ball shaped and maybe a little bit difficult to insert them into the vagina when you are not get use to it. If you strain to insert or force to put it in, it may cause injury.
You can wear the lubricated findom to help them glide in smoothly.

Try safer and more comfortable sex with the findom!

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