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【正規品】ORA3 Midnight Blue
Smoother, more realistic. The ball that protrudes under the thin silicon film rotates erotically. Equipped with a pressure sensing sensor and cruise function. The power is controlled automatically.


【正規品】ORA3 Midnight Blue

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●Materials :Silicone / ABS Plastic
●Finish :Matte / Glossy
●Size :75 x 43 x 80mm / 2.9 x 1.7 x 3”
●Weight :117.5g / 4.1oz
●Battery :Li-Ion 3.7V 420mAh
●Charging :2h at 5.0V 400mA
●User Time :1 hour
●Standby :90 days
●Frequency :11Hz
●Max Noise :<50dB
●Content :ORA™, Charging Cable, Storage Pouch, 1-Year Warranty

販売価格:¥29,700 (tax included)
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Smoother, more realistic. The ball that protrudes under the thin silicon film rotates erotically. Apply plenty of lotion to your genitals and feel the soft tip of your tongue licking them! The latest version of the ORA series ergonomically recreates oral pleasure and features a pressure sensor and cruise function. The power is automatically controlled by sensing the strength of the body when it is hit.

The popular ORA series by Swedish luxury brand LELO.
The latest version from the series that recreates "oral sex" where you can lick with the tip of your tongue.

The ORA series has evolved into the first version, the second version, and the third version this time, and each version has evolved into a realistic reproduction of oral sex.
ORA3 further evolved this time, as well as the series so far, the combination of the rotation of the ball under the soft silicon membrane × vibration exquisitely, so that it is turned by the tip of the tongue, so that it comes and goes, it is felt as if it is licked gently to crawl in the net, as if it is turned by the tip of the tongue.
Especially using it with lotion is overwhelmingly recommended!
The lotion makes your clitoris and labia flabby and slippery, and when you put it on your wet and slimy skin ... it's like being licked with a really soft tongue tip!
You can feel more real sensation and also protect your delicate skin from friction.
Can be used with all water-based (water-soluble) lotions except for silicone lotions.

Changes from ORA2].
1. 10 to 12 types of vibration patterns
ORA creates a pleasurable sensation by intricately combining the vibration of the body itself and the rotation of the ball.
In ORA3, that pattern has been added and is even richer.
Choose from a total of 12 different patterns to find the perfect vibration for your body, your mood, and your senses. 
There's also a simple vibration pattern that just rotates the ball, so you can enjoy it slowly and enjoy it slowly, and when it starts to feel good, switch to more complex and faster vibrations, and you'll have a really deep orgasm over and over again.

2.Cruise function
The cruise function is an "automatic control function," so to speak, that has been introduced in luxury cars.
The machine automatically maintains a certain amount of power without us having to operate it, making it less troublesome to operate and more comfortable to use.
The ORA3 is equipped with the latest technology that automatically detects the power when you have an orgasm and apply it hard to your body. It will make it easier for you to orgasm by bringing it back to maintain the intensity of the vibration and rotation without weakening it!
This will make it easier for you to have an orgasm while using the "I was so close...! No more irritation.

3. Stimulate the ball even bigger, faster and more firmly
The ORA3 has a larger ball than the ORA2 and the feeling of being caught on the tip of the tongue is more realistic.
It also has a "sensor touch" as in the previous ORA2. If you turn on the sensor touch function, the rotation of the ball changes depending on how hard you push it against the clitoris.
In other words, the vibe itself changes the rate of rotation or loosens it when it is placed on the clitoris, allowing you to experience a more realistic world of oral pleasure, just like the pressure of the tongue when it is pressed against the clitoris.
The ball rotation speed is also increased by 25%. Carry the right stimulus.

4. Quieter design
The rotating toy tends to make a distinctive noise.
Especially under the thin silicon film, the material is not able to shut out the sound, and some people were concerned about the unique noise that is different from the normal vibe.
The ORA3 has been improved to be quieter than before, with a quieter design. I was able to enjoy the pleasure without being noticed.
The one and only oral pleasure toy for those who want to feel more oral and want to feel it forever.
Please enjoy the aural pleasure without worrying!

[How to operate].
Power on: Shortly click the or + button in the middle to start the operation.
Power Off: Press and hold the button in the middle to turn off the power.
Change the vibration pattern with the  button in the middle
Vibration strength: + button for strong vibration (faster), - button for weak vibration (slower).

Charging Method]
A blinking charging light is a sign that the unit is being charged. When it is fully charged, the light switches to illuminated.

For customers who have purchased LELO].
The product manual can be downloaded from LELO's official website (as of December 2019, only the English version will be available in Japanese).
The instruction manual is not enclosed with the unit.
LELO also comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.
If your product breaks down within one year of purchase, we will replace it free of charge.
In this case, please keep the "invoice" that will be sent with the product because it will be necessary.

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