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Kegel training※About material and ingredient

Vagina is soft and flexible and could be relaxing as well…But if you train the muscle of pelvic cavity, your comfort ability would raise not only your sexual pleasure but also your daily life! Especially recommended for someone who has incontinence or if you would like to explore more of your orgasms!

BEST 54月12日 ~ 4月19日

  • Set


    It is better to keep up with Kegel training depends on the physical condition on each days. Training should start with light one to heavy ones step by steps. We have set of Kegel training balls.

  • Kegel training with App

    Kegel training with App

    This high-tech kegel training system works in conjunction with your phone by downloading an app. You can check your training results and your kegel pressure level on the screen.

  • Light


    If you are looking for your first Kegel training ball, we strongly recommend you to start with light one. Also recommended for the woman who have given birth. 〜69g.

  • Middle


    If you have trouble of incontinence with sneezing. From 70g to 90g.

  • Heavy


    Heavy and hard training items for Kegel muscle. Recommended for the Kegel training expert. For the woman who have given birth, we would recommend you to start with light balls. 100g ~.

  • Vibratig toys for Kegel

    Vibratig toys for Kegel

    Kegel training items with vibrating function for quicker and exciting training experience! You can check your vaginal pressure and also you can use them as toy…

  • Dilator


    Flexible and smooth silicone made vaginal dilator for the woman who has trouble with their genitals such as colpoptosia, vaginal atrophy and vaginal atresia.




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