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SinFive Medium
SinFive Emigi Love Pearl Flame Vaginal Stimulator

SinFive Medium

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●Weight: 58g
●Total length 6.4cm (not including string), maximum diameter 2.8cm
●Material: Elastomer
●Relax and gently pull on the string when taking it out.
●Use lotion when it is difficult to put it in.

販売価格:¥3,630 (tax included)
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Item Number: 02090134

Points obtained: 165 LPC Points

The material is elastomer. Only strictly controlled materials are used, and the way they feel when they hit the skin is also calculated. The feel was not hard to the touch, but not soft either. It has a smooth, rubbery feel. Of course, there is no smell of rubber.

A body that can be tightened when it wants to be tightened. This product is designed to help you get a snuger body and enjoy sex in a more positive way.

There are three weights: light, medium and heavy. Medium is recommended for those who are new to vaginal training and those who have symptoms such as incontinence.

※If you put your fingernails on the string, you may scratch it and it may be damaged. Do not claw at the string when removing or removing the strap.

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FAQ about products

Q What happens when you work out your vagina?      A A woman's orgasm is a contraction of the PC muscle that runs through the vagina and the cauda equina. When your muscles are tucked away, you will be able to feel that twitching sensation more deeply. In addition, I can feel that the waist area that was loosened for some reason will become tighter. Rather than becoming muscular, it's like being aware of your invisible inner muscles and rejuvenating your body from the inside out.
Q I don't know what PC muscle is.       A The PC muscle is the muscle you use when you consciously try to stop peeing. If you're not sure, try to consciously stop urinating when you urinate on the toilet. The place to focus your strength at that time is your PC muscle.
Q I don't know how long to use it or when to remove it.        A For the first week or so of use, start with about 30 minutes. When you get used to it, extend it from 1 to 2 hours to 4 to 5 hours...and so on. If you don't know when to take it off during the day's cycle, for example, it is recommended that you take it off when you go to the bathroom.
Q Where is the correct insertion position?       A It should be fully inserted all the way to the back, with only the string part protruding outside the vaginal canal. The correct position is where it does not feel uncomfortable when inserted and does not fall out easily. If the strap is completely inside the vaginal canal, it may be inserted too deeply.

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