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【bananapants】bumpher Pink
Just by attaching it to a dildo, you can dramatically improve your comfort level! If you've ever had sex with a harness, you'll think, "This idea is an invention! This is a great way to make your usua

【bananapants】bumpher Pink

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Material: silicone
Size: 65mm (width), 100mm (height)
Manufacturer: bananapants

販売価格:¥6,050 (tax included)
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If you've ever had sex with a harness, you'll think, "This is an idea! The moment you see it, you can't help but think, "I'm going to do this. Most normal dildos have a horizontal base. But at Love Peace Club, we have dildos like the FUZE series and the Fantastick Neo that are designed to fit the vagina on the side where the dildo is placed. Just by putting the dildo on with the harness, the person putting it on will also feel good, and the two of you can enjoy it together. That's how good it feels! If only I could experience that feeling with my current favorite dildo...! The bumpher is the one that will make your dreams and longings come true. All you have to do is attach the bumpher to your dildo base. The bumpher body is made of very soft and strong silicone, so the small holes can be easily stretched out with both hands to make it easier to fit! The hole is less than 20mm in diameter, but is a stretch that will fit a dildo base up to 82mm. Once you put it on, let's put it to use right away! When you touch it directly to your skin, the surface is smooth and smooth, but when you press it against your skin, it feels plump and elastic. Each time you piston, the bumpher naturally hits the vaginal area so that it sucks to match the movement of the waist...erotic. If you look closely, there are two puffy protrusions in the center of the length, and these protrusions bridge the inside of the labia, from the clitoris to the vicinity of the perineum, so that they hit the entrance of the vagina just a little. You can imagine this fit from the shape. Since it is made of silicone, it can be used with lotion. In fact, I strongly recommend using this product with lotion! Not only will it protect your skin, but it will also make you feel much better. When you move your hips and hit the other person, it's as if you're being stimulated with your vagina with your fingers, and you can taste the real pleasure as if your senses are connected to the dildo. It is compatible with both open rings such as denim harnesses and rodeoH underwear harnesses, and the bumpher is also sold on the official site of the rodeoH brand. It will make your sex more fun, free, and comfortable!

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