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The cutting edge of vaginal training goods!
The vaginal pressure is measured in real time in conjunction with a smart phone, and a training plan that suits you is created.



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Material: Medical silicone

Size: 55mm in length (main body only)

Diameter: 30 mm, 25 mm thick, oval
Weight: 25g

Charging method: USB type

Waterproof: Living waterproof
Warranty: 2 years

Manufacturer: Chiaro Technology Ltd and Ellie(UK)
 Country of production: China
Product Contents: Elbowbow Trainer, Case (can also be used as a charger), Option Cover, USB Charging Cable, Quick Start Guide
Application connection and Bluetooth support (iPhone4S and above, Android 4.3 and above)

販売価格:¥35,200 (tax included)
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Looseness of the vagina" that many women are troubled by.

Did you know that the cause of the looseness is the weakness of the muscles around the vagina (PC muscle) that supports the pelvis?

There are some treatments to improve the looseness of the vagina at the clinic, but the important thing is daily prevention.

The "vaginal looseness" that you have given up on due to aging, childbirth, and your original body shape can be strengthened by daily training just like other muscles!
PC muscles can be strengthened by exercising, but if you use special goods to support vaginal training, you can feel the effect more.

Among them, Lovepie would like to recommend "elvie", the most advanced vaginal training goods from the UK, most confidently.
This is a highly functional vaginal training product that is linked to a mobile phone.
Unlike other rechargeable vaginal training products, "elvie" does not have any vibration function at all.

This is because the purpose of training is not to train by "vibrational stimulation", but by "loosening/clenching your vagina by yourself" exercises.

Then why can't you do it yourself without elvie?
What's the difference from ordinary exercise?
You may ask, "What's the difference from ordinary exercise?
But there's a lot of technology in elvie that assists with the simplest, most standardized way to train your vagina: exercise.

This is a vaginal training product that has been picked up by the BBC, VOGUE and other media, and is the most talked about in the world.

【Point1】Vaginal training has a lot of benefits!
Not only does vaginal training make the vagina tighter, but it also makes women orgasm more deeply.

Because an orgasm is a muscle contraction.
The more strength you build your PC muscle, the more contractions you will have, the more blood flow to your vagina, the more sensations you will have, and the deeper a woman's orgasm will be and the easier it will be to come.
It is said that training PC muscle can help prevent excessive urination, frequent urination, uterine prolapse, constipation, coldness, swelling, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

In addition, since the inner muscle around the waist is strengthened, it leads to waist shape and hip u.

This is a vaginal exercise with many advantages.
Let's continue training to maintain muscle strength!
【Point2】 The highest level of vaginal pressure measurement function of vaginal training goods!

The vaginal training products have been constantly evolving.
There are various types of vaginal training for the same vagina, such as those that train with "weight" like dumbbells, those that train with "stimulation" to the muscles, and those that "vibrate" according to the vaginal pressure.

Honestly, in the goods that are so abundant, is the high functionality to such a vaginal training necessary? There may be a person who is thought that
However, there are many users who say "it is difficult to understand the effect" or "it is difficult to set a goal because I don't know my vaginal pressure level" when it comes to normal vaginal training goods.

The great thing about elvie is that it measures the vaginal pressure accurately and very finely in real time.
There have been toys that measure vaginal pressure in the past, but only ELVIE is able to subdivide it into numbers with levels of 190 or more.
When you try it out, you can't tell whether you're holding or not, if you squeeze elvie lightly with your hand, and even the slight pressure is caught brilliantly!

The highly sensitive sensor is linked with the application, and the jewel on the application moves by the slight amount of "tighten/loosen the vagina", or the current vaginal pressure is accurately measured.

There are many people who say they don't know how to close a vagina in the first place.
You can actually move and check the muscles that you can see from outside such as arms and legs, but don't you train without knowing whether this is the right way to "tighten" the muscles inside which you can't see?

If you use elvie, you will be able to grasp "how to tighten" by yourself, thinking that the muscles inside the vagina move in this way when force is put in like this (when tightening).
Yes, the first step in training is to get the feeling of clenching your vagina.

【Point3】It's a fun and challenging game!
Efficient training by the menu according to the vaginal pressure!

The training begins with a vaginal pressure measurement at each session.
This is because ELVIE programs each workout according to the vaginal pressure of the day.

The workout, which is about 5 minutes per set, is really dense and there's no time to breathe.
Follow the app's instructions and use the vaginal pressure to move the gems on the screen that are linked to "clenching/loosening the vagina", such as the hold game that keeps you clenched, the speed game that repeats clenching/loosening quickly and immediately, and the vaginal force game that uses as much vaginal pressure as you can.

The game element is strong, and it chooses the best menu for the user's vaginal pressure that day.
Although it is easy to give up when I am not sure whether this is really effective or not, elvie is able to feel the reality of training firmly.
It is possible to have fun and train efficiently to suit your needs. It also automatically records the results of the day's training, so you can see the gradual changes in vaginal pressure.
【Point4】No replacement required. Suitable for women of all ages, from beginners to advanced
In the case of a vaginal training ball like dumbbells that train PC muscle by "weight", you need to replace it every time you improve the level, and for beginners, it's easy to hesitate to choose which weight is best for you.

In addition, when it is a charge type that vibrates according to vaginal pressure, it is unexpectedly difficult for a beginner to make it vibrate, and it tends to be frustrated without getting a real feeling of training.

Because of its flat shape, small size, easy insertion and light weight, elvie can be used by all levels and ages, from complete beginners to experienced vaginal trainers as it can be inserted smoothly by all people and the menu is tailored to each person's vaginal pressure.

If the app is too difficult, I lose motivation, but I'm happy to be able to step up little by little with a program that can clear the degree of my current vaginal pressure.
You don't need any other vaginal training products with this one.
【Point5】It is waterproof and can be used in the bath and washed whole.

The ELVIE has no charging plug plugs at all and is seamlessly covered with silicone for a waterproof design.
There's no worry about water getting inside, and it's easy to clean because it can be washed whole after use. You can also train in the bathroom.
【Point6】Special charging case for clean storage and carrying around.

In the case of normal charge type vaginal training goods, the main body is exposed by all means during charging when the charge plug is inserted. Since the elvie is charged in a charging case, it can be used as is for the next time after washing it after use and putting it in the charging case. In addition, the charging case is also light, and it is convenient to carry it around as a storage case with the main body in it.
【Point7】Reliability recognized by the UK medical system
The CEO, Tania, is an internationally recognized expert on women's sexual health care, and has worked in leadership positions for various global NGOs and the United Nations.
Passionate about challenging women's troubles with sex, which are often taboo, ELVIE was the first company to take on the challenge after it was founded in 2013.
Its high level of reliability has been endorsed by the NHS, the UK's national insurance service.
In the UK you can use the NHS and buy elvie in hospitals too.
Officially recognised as ELVIE, it is also recommended by 1,000 healthcare professionals, indicating that it is highly trusted in the field of healthcare in the UK.

If you have a smart phone, you can easily connect with it via Bluetooth, and you can easily record and train daily.
Muscles can be trained no matter how old you are. If you don't do anything, it will grow and become looser, but by training, it will be put away for sure.

All you need for vaginal training is goodies and staying power.
The elvie, which keeps track of your daily vaginal strength, is the perfect companion for those who want to keep up a serious vaginal training routine, and for those who have trouble keeping it up.

Supported models
iPhone4S, 5, 5S,C,6,6 Plus/iPad mini,mini 2/iPad 3,4,Air/iTouch 5/iPad mini / mini 2, iPad 3/4/Air, iTouch 5
Android OS 4.3 or higher and Bluetooth 4.0 or higher devices

The staff has taken on the challenge!

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