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YES Intimate Double Glide Lotion DG
Over 96% of the ingredients are certified organic. A set of two types of moisturizing lotions for the delicate zone, a water type and an oil type. It can also be used as a double.


YES Intimate Double Glide Lotion DG

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YES WB water based personal lubricant
●Ingredients Aqua,Aloe bardensis,Cyamopsistetragonolobus,Ceratonia siliqua,Linumusitatissimum extract,Xanthan gum,Sodiumchloride,Sodium benzoate,Citric acid,Potassiumsorbate
●Made in United Kingdom

YES OB natural plant-oil based personal lubricant
●Ingredients: sunflower seed oil, shea oil, almond oil, beeswax, cocoa oil, tocopherol.
●Made in United Kingdom

※Once opened, store the product away from high temperatures and direct sunlight and use it within 4 months.

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YES is a brand created by two women in 2003.
The two have worked for many years for the international pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer. When Pfizer invented Viagra, when men suffering from impotence were able to penetrate with the drug, they realized what they needed on the women's side, and in fact, when they started researching lotions, they were surprised to find that there were so few lotions that women felt comfortable using.They went independent in 2003 and spent 10 years developing a lotion that is safe for women's bodies with a strong focus on natural ingredients.

This time, YES sent me a set of lotions to moisturize my delicate skin.
YES Intimate Water Lotion WB and YES Intimate Oil Lotion OB are available at 8% off when purchased separately.

Let's start with the YES WB water based personal lubricant
This is a 96% certified organic water-based lotion. This treatment balances the pH of the delicate zone while protecting the skin from pain and making it more comfortable. This lotion is the most popular YES product and is also used in hospitals in the UK.
It's not only good for self-care, but also for two people with a partner.
It can be used with both condoms and toys.

The good thing about the water base is that it is easy to create a fluid-like texture and can be used without rinsing off after use.
However, it doesn't feel like it penetrates the skin like a toner.

When you take it out, it has a loose jelly-like texture.
As I picked it up and stretched it out, I found it stretched surprisingly well and covered my skin well.
The secret to its smooth texture is the use of plant-derived ingredients such as aloe.
It creates a glossy texture while protecting its lushness.
After using it, just wipe it off quickly and your skin will feel smooth. It's designed to balance Ph in the vagina, so you don't have to rinse it off unless you're worried about it.

If you want to use it in addition to the body fluids, it is about the size of a 500 yen coin.
If you don't want it to get wet or dry, use a larger amount on the palm of your hand.

Next up is the YES OB natural plant-oil based personal lubricant, which is made with natural oils as a base.
99.8% organic-derived ingredients.
A non-greasy, smooth oil that protects the delicate zone with a moisturizing veil. Use this as a moisturizer when you are concerned about skin irritation or chafing with your panties.
It is also highly protective, so it is recommended for people who feel pain when having sex or couples who have sex for the first time in a long time.
If you want to use something more natural and gentle for your body when you have long time or anal sex, we recommend this product.

Oil-based lotion that protects the skin and mucous membranes and lasts a long time.
In terms of "staying power", silicone lotions are not to be outdone, but the oil has a good point in that it uses natural ingredients that not only lubricate but also moisturize and condition the skin.

In the beginning, use an amount about the size of a cherry.
When you take it out of the tube, it's a little bit slippery, not so much that it becomes angular, but it's a little hard.
However, if you stretch it out with your fingers, it stretches amazingly with goo and goo. It doesn't have the sticky feeling that you might imagine when you hear the word "oil". It's slippery, like silk or velvet, and feels so good that you want to keep touching it.

After use, just wipe off with a clean towel or tissue and your skin will be silky smooth. It doesn't feel sticky or lingering at all.

It can be used with toys such as silicone, Pyrex and stainless steel. It's nice to be able to use a lotion that lubricates so well with a toy.
It's a fun way to try out types you've never tried before.
However, please do not use it with latex toys or condoms.

A set of two types of moisturizing lotions for the delicate zone, the water type and the oil type, which can be used according to the purpose and skin condition. This is the perfect moisturizer for single use or double use when you feel like you're not getting enough moisture or want to change the texture!

※YES OB natural plant-oil based personal lubricant
If you use a condom, be sure to use a polyurethane one. Do not use with latex condoms.

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