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BEST 55月31日 ~ 6月7日

  • The first vibe

    The first vibe

    For the Beginner user of vibrator toys. Established designed toys from Europe. Simple and user friendly. Could also recommended for who never experienced masturbation or insert sex.

  • Vaginal atresia

    Vaginal atresia

    For those who have narrowed their vagina due to cancer treatment, etc., or for those who suffer from uterine prolapse. We have a collection of products made of silicone that are safe for the body.

  • For Vaginal Mustle

    For Vaginal Mustle

    The muscles that tighten the vagina can be trained at any age, and they support PC muscle training. Collected goodies.

  • Have no orgasm

    Have no orgasm

    Many people can't feel their orgasms. We've gathered a collection of products that will help you feel better.

  • Intercourse pain

    Intercourse pain

    Lubricant for moisturize and reduce the pain of friction and intercourse. Body safe Lubricants. Not only you have a hard time getting wet, but even the degree of wetness depends on your condition. Don't hold back!

  • Menopause


    Menopause is a time of change for woman's body. Many women find it harder to get wet than ever before, but it's important to take care of your vagina and enjoy sex with your body. We have collected care items for vagina and toys.

  • Pigmentation


    It is a care product for parts that are easily pigmented, such as vagina and nipples.

  • Pubic hair care

    Pubic hair care

    Pubic hair cares. Steaminess, gray hair, etc... This product is the answer to your hair problems.

  • Warming


    It is difficult to feel a good feeling when your body is cold. This is a supportive product that warms you up from the core and makes it easier to get pleasure from your body.

  • Breasts and nipples care

    Breasts and nipples care

    If you are concerned about the color and shape of your breasts and nipples, we have a collection of products for you.

  • Break out of a rut and sexless

    Break out of a rut and sexless

    As time goes by, even close couples become less frequent and fall into a rut. We've collected some goods that may help you get back the stimulation and excitement.

  • Sex on a period

    Sex on a period

    Some people want to have sex during their period. Not because you can't do it because you're on your period, but because we've collected some items that you can enjoy even on your period.

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