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BEST 5smile makers9月15日 ~ 9月22日

  • 【smile makers】The French Lover

    【smile makers】The French Lover

    6,600 yen

    The petal-like tip vibrates at high speed, gently stimulating various sexual zones. High power even though it is battery-operated. Easy operation makes it a good choice for first-time toys.

  • 【smile makers】The Billionaire

    【smile makers】The Billionaire

    6,600 yen

    Recommended for first time toys! The most basic shaped vibrator in the "smile makers" line. Recommended for use as an insert vibrator as well as an external vibrator!

  • 【smile makers】The Surfer

    【smile makers】The Surfer

    3,300 yen

    The round head and tiny fins provide precise pinpoint stimulation of the most sensitive clitoral protrusions! This is a powerful vibrator in a cute compact size.

  • 【smile makers】The Romantic

    【smile makers】The Romantic

    8,800 yen

    Ergonomically designed G-spot vibrator can stimulate multiple pleasure spots at once. The independent motor mounted on the head part shakes the G-spot powerfully!

  • 【smile makers】The Firefighter

    【smile makers】The Firefighter

    6,600 yen

    This uniquely shaped vibrator can be used on a wide range of areas from the clitoris to the labia. High power even though it is battery-operated.

  • 【smile makers】The Tennis Pro

    【smile makers】The Tennis Pro

    6,600 yen

    Ergonomically designed G-spot vibrator. Battery-operated, but high-power vibrations and a quiet design of less than 40dB allow you to use it wherever you want.










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