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LOVE PIECE CLUB is producing a beauty salon, “OLIVE”. We have course of Brazilian Wax, body massage and professional care with machine. Beauty, Sexy and Fun are all related! Let’s enjoy and receive the Beauty and Happiness! Introducing our recommended cosmetic from LOVE PIECE CLUB and OLIVE staffs! http://www.olive-love.com

BEST 54月5日 ~ 4月12日

  • Skin Care

    Skin Care

    The feeling of conformability and pleasure comes mostly from the skin, not brain. There are cosmetics and body care goods selected by our beauty salon “OLIVE”.

  • Pubic Hair Care

    Pubic Hair Care

    LOVE PIECE CLUB have our produced beauty salon “OLIVE”. We have courses of VIO Brazilian wax and V-line whitening as well!

  • Vagina Care

    Vagina Care

    Care items for Vagina and genital areas. Vagina is a very important part of your body and needs special care and treatment as well as facial care.

  • Whitening


    For those who are concerned about dark spots and hyperpigmentation in intimate area. Get whitening with daily care! This is a bleaching product made with mainly natural ingredients.

  • Organic Cosmetics

    Organic Cosmetics

    We are very particular about our cosmetics, incorporating organic plants. We only use plants that are certified "organic" by strict standards and extracted from them.

  • Massage Oil, Powder

    Massage Oil, Powder

    Massage is a part of sex! And Massage oil is necessary for the sexy massages!

  • Pheromone/fragrance


    Lovely package and feminine design… Body cosmetics make you feel sexy and gorgeous with pheromone contains.

  • Sexy Cosmetic

    Sexy Cosmetic

    Beauty, sexy and fun. Erotic and sexy cosmetics and items to have fun with your lover!

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