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BEST 5Set2月16日 ~ 2月23日

  • 【RianneS】First Vibe Kit

    RS - Essentials - First Vibe Kit

    6,600 yen

    This set is for those who want to feel more deeply now. The set consists of three items: a vaginal training ball, a valet toy, and a smaller sized anal plug.

  • 骨盤底筋トレーニング☆スタートキット

    Kegel Starter Kit

    6,270 yen
    5,016 yen

    Good for first timers!
    Use this set to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles!

  • YES インティメイト・ダブルグライドローション DG

    YES Intimate Double Glide Lotion DG

    6,820 yen

    Over 96% of the ingredients are certified organic. A set of two types of moisturizing lotions for the delicate zone, a water type and an oil type. It can also be used as a double.

  • 【RianneS】 Kit d' Amour ピンク

    RS - Essentials - Kit d'Amour Pink/Gold

    5,720 yen

    The lip toy, lace eye mask, and delicate jet-black feathers... The black and baby pink items are elegant and cute, and are recommended for fetish beginners.


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