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RS - Essentials - First Vibe Kit
This set is for those who want to feel more deeply now. The set consists of three items: a vaginal training ball, a valet toy, and a smaller sized anal plug.


RS - Essentials - First Vibe Kit

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●Material: Premium silicon
Diameter: 35 mm
Length: 75mm (insertion part)
●Weight: 15g(Beige)/25g(Deep Purple)
●Weight: 15g(beige)/25g(deep purple)
Please avoid using during menstruation.

●Material: Silicon
Length 72mm
Diameter: 30mm

【Bullet vibrator】
●Material: ABS
●Size: 18mm x 132mm
●Weight: 25g
●Sound: ★★☆☆☆
●Charging method: AAA batteries x 2
●Vibration patterns: 10 types
●Waterproof: Drip-proof
●Manufacturer: RianneS (Netherlands)
●Country of manufacture: (China)

販売価格:¥6,600 (tax included)
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Item Number: 5195

Points obtained: 300 LPC Points

RianneS is a sex toy brand created by a female designer from the Netherlands, with women's well-being at the forefront of her mind. RianneS is a trustworthy brand that cares about every detail, not only design and function, but also usability, packaging, and safety.
Growing up with a feminist mother, Rianne wanted to do something beautiful for women," says Rianne (the brand is named after the designer herself).
Rianne (the brand name is derived from the designer's own name) launched the brand in 2010 with the desire to create beautiful, safe, and secure sex toys from a woman's perspective.
Her ideas and designs have been introduced in the fashion magazine ELLE, and are widely supported beyond the toy industry.

As the name suggests, the "First Vibe Kit" is perfect for first-time toy users.
As the name suggests, the "First Vibe Kit" is the perfect first toy set for those who want to explore what feels good about their bodies and feel more deeply than they already do.

The first one is a beautiful and smart valet type toy in chic purple.
It is made of body-safe ABS, so you can rest assured that it is silky smooth when it touches your skin.
With a diameter of 18mm, it is smaller than a penny coin, so even those who are not used to inserting toys can try this one with ease!
Instead of inserting it suddenly, prepare yourself well by gently applying it to the surface of your skin, clitoris, and entrance area.
It has a simple design that runs on two AAA batteries, but it has 10 different vibration patterns. You can take advantage of the elongated shape to stimulate a wide area of the vagina by passing it over the surface of the vagina while lying on its side, or you can place the tip around the clitoris and enjoy stronger vibrations in spots.

Next is the cute jeweled anal plug.
Don't worry if you think this is too much of a hurdle for you. It is a small plug with a maximum diameter of about 30mm.
And because it is made of safe, body-safe silicone, it is easy to get into, and it does not feel cold or hard at all like metal plugs.
Some anal plugs are designed to be enjoyed for their metal texture, but that's only for advanced users.
If you are new to plugs, or even if you are new to anal penetration, this small silicone plug will make it easier.
It has a stopper to prevent it from going in too deep, so even those who are not used to it can insert it with ease.
When the plug is inserted, the sparkling jewel is very cute! Please enjoy the cute back view yourself through the mirror!

And finally, I'd like to introduce you to the vaginal training balls that will make these toys feel even better.
In recent years, vaginal training has become more and more popular, but the idea behind vaginal training at the Love Peace Club is to train for yourself, not for someone else.
This is because vaginal training makes it easier for a woman to have a deeper and stronger orgasm.
The female orgasm is linked to the contraction of the PC muscles, so by tightening the muscles, you will be able to have a deeper orgasm.
This vaginal training ball features a removable ball that can be used by itself or in a silicone holder.
The purple ball weighs 25 grams and the beige ball weighs 15 grams, so you can adjust the weight according to your level and how you feel that day.
You can customize the weight according to your physical condition and level of fitness, such as "I'm not feeling well today, so I'll use a lighter weight" or "I want to work out before my date in a month, so I'll use a heavier weight.
The string part of the silicone holder is about 90mm long, so it is also safe to remove.

It's a great way to train, play, feel more, and face your body.
You can enjoy it with peace of mind because it is a brand created for the sexual wellness of women like RianneS.

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