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To defeat the mannerism! Or to satisfy your inner curiosity…? We have selected the items to explore and enjoy your body!

BEST 56月28日 ~ 7月5日

  • fraulein kink

    fraulein kink

    Started in Berlin , a leading city for the fetish cultures and fashions. Made with Gorgeous and established design and its functionality.ng enough for real play. Customer service & client satisfaction are key!

  • Bijoux Indiscrets

    Bijoux Indiscrets

    The fetish brand was created in 2006 in Spain by three women. It's sold in department stores, hotels, stores and lingerie boutiques in 40 countries around the world.



    SEX & MISCHIEF is the hot topic with its horrifyingly cool packaging. This is a brand of SM goods. Although they are authentic SM goods, they are not heavy, but functional and can be used as if enjoying sports. It is an easy brand.

  • Eye Mask

    Eye Mask

    For your excitement without the sight or also you can take them to travel as well. From lovely designed eye mask to hard designed blind fold.

  • Cuffs and Other Restraints

    Cuffs and Other Restraints

    Leather, enamel, and some more other hand cuffs, ropes and restrain kit. With various design and materials. Even for the beginners to expert!

  • Paddles Whips Flaggers/spanking

    Paddles Whips Flaggers/spanking

    Crops paddles and bats to enjoy spanking more! From Leather to feather and latex! Enjoy the LOVE PIECE CLUB select!

  • Fetish Equipment & Medical Play

    Fetish Equipment & Medical Play

    Special items for medical play. Gags, stethoscope, Candles, and syringe.

  • Collar


    Stylish collars from BDSM brands over seas.

  • Harness


    Harness for the fetish fashion! High quality Items with established design.

  • Costume


    Let's have fun dressing up in gorgeous costumes for a fetish party! We have a selection of costumes and items for fetish events.

  • Clamps and Ticklers

    Clamps and Ticklers

    Pinch and tickle nipples, penis and wherever you like! Take a look at the fun& play items!

  • Vibrator


    Special fetish vibrators bring you the different and unusual stimulation.

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