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Dildos※About material and ingredient

The word ‘Dildo’ is derived from Latin word means “Joy”. We would only deal the dildos made of body safe material. Wish you'll find your favorite Dildo with your best size, texture! Also, please try harness , which expand the possibility of dildos!

BEST 53月24日 ~ 3月31日

  • Small Size

    Small Size

    Small size Dildos with diameter under 30mm. For your first dildo, or you can enjoy them as they are extension of your finger.

  • Medium Size

    Medium Size

    Medium size dildos with diameter from 30mm to 45mm. We are only choosing toys with only using body safe materials.

  • Large Size

    Large Size

    Big and thick! Large sized dildos. We are only choosing toys with only using body safe materials.

  • Real Dildos

    Real Dildos

    Looks and feels like so real! Very real made dildos with only using body safe materials.

  • Glass/Stainless Dildo

    Glass/Stainless Dildo

    Hard dildos made with glass, stainless and some other materials.

  • Gspot Dildos

    Gspot Dildos

    G-spot is a hard spot to find with penis. Discover yours with Fingers and dildos!

  • Double Dildos

    Double Dildos

    Double Dildos for not only lesbian couples but for all!

  • Plug


    Plug dildos for anal! Easily insert and you can enjoy hands free! Recommended from beginners to expert. Made with varies kind of materials and body safe.

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