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eggplug BS×LPC
Put it in slowly. Let's surrender to the pleasure of being pressed! I'm glad that it's harder to get out than a straight plug. You will feel the ultimate comfort of high-grade silicone!


eggplug   BS×LPC

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●Workable length:55mm
●Average diameter:30mm

販売価格:¥6,600〜7,150 (tax included)
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Item Number: 02090053〜02090054

Points obtained: 300〜325 LPC Points

Perhaps it can meet the needs of anyone with any sexual desire.... there is such a shape! It's a wonderful design that will open your eyes to the idea that there is such a shape! The material is, of course, premium silicon of the highest quality. It is very smooth to the touch, yet strong and soft, flexibly bent and "stays" securely when inserted. This oval shape is designed to deepen the depth of pleasure.
The angle, above all, is great. The angle is just right for the female G-spot and the P-spot, which stimulates the male prostate. The root is very thin, and the base is properly attached, and it has a curve that matches the angle of the body, so once you put it in, it doesn't move, it's hard to get out, and it fits perfectly! It fits perfectly! What this means is that you can have oral sex and enjoy sexy play while you are in the machine! Instead of pistoning, you can enjoy the pleasure in the G-spot, vagina or anal...!

It was created by a company called BS, which is run by women in Spain.
It was designed by Sabela Dopazo and Beatriz Higón, who originally made art as sculptors.
It has a very similar feel to the Love Peace Club, and this time we had the Love Peace Club colors made especially for us.
A serious company that uses quality silicon and truly handmakes each and every one of its products by hand.
Enjoy the softness that is clearly different from that of other silicones.

The medium size is pink and the small size is vintage blue. The average diameter of the medium size is 25mm, so we recommend the small size for those who want to try anal penetration for the first time. Some people may find it difficult to reach the G- and P-spot because the small size is a little small. I would recommend the medium for the G-spot if possible, and the small for those who are new to vaginal pleasure and want to enjoy it a little...

Using the ideas

I thought it could be used as a vaginal training product. It's small, light, and angled, so it fits perfectly and doesn't move inside. You can feel a strong awareness near the entrance, tightening and loosening with your vaginal muscles. So far, vaginal training goods have been hard and heavy, but this kind of silicone and softness is suitable for people who are new to training or who don't have any symptoms such as incontinence but are a little concerned about it... It's a great way to use it!

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FAQ about products

Q Which should I choose for the G-spot, the regular or the small one? A The small size has a 55mm insertion hole, so you may feel it's too short to reach the G-spot, but we recommend the regular size if you want to use the G-spot only. If you just want to get in and enjoy the feeling of the entrance, we recommend the small size. If you just want to go in and enjoy the feeling of the entrance, we recommend the small size.
Q Can it be used with a harness? A It is very thin and has a small base, so it comes off quickly when used in a harness. Also, it is not designed to be used as a piston, and it is difficult to use it with a harness because it is not designed to be used as a piston.
Q Is there an anal sex zone? A It's not an "easy to understand" sexual area like the clitoris. Also, there is no point to stimulate the prostate like men do. However, you can enjoy the sensation of being inside or stimulating your clitoris while it is inside to deepen your sense of fulfillment. Also, not all men feel pleasure in the anus, but it is recommended to expand the range of sex with your male partner by suggesting an anal plug!

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