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YES WB water based personal lubricant 50mL
A water-based lotion is 96% certified organic and designed to balance the pH of the vagina. It's hypoallergenic and gently protects and lubricates the vagina as it covers the skin.


YES WB water based personal lubricant 50mL

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●Ingredients Aqua,Aloe bardensis,Cyamopsistetragonolobus,Ceratonia siliqua,Linumusitatissimum extract,Xanthan gum,Sodiumchloride,Sodium benzoate,Citric acid,Potassiumsorbate
● 100ml
●Made in United Kingdom
※Once opened, store the product away from high temperatures and direct sunlight and use it within 4 months.

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This lotion is especially recommended for the following people.
It doesn't get wet.
I have sexual pain even though I'm wet.
I want to take care of my pain from the root.
Toy can't get in.
I want to use it with Toy.
Temporary vaginal dryness
Drying pain and itching care
sensitive skin
pH balance
Tasteless and odorless type is good.

YES is a brand created by two women in 2003.
The two have worked for many years for the international pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer. When Pfizer invented Viagra, when men suffering from impotence were able to penetrate with the drug, they realized what they needed on the women's side, and in fact, when they started researching lotions, they were surprised to find that there were so few lotions that women felt comfortable using.They went independent in 2003 and spent 10 years developing a lotion that is safe for women's bodies with a strong focus on natural ingredients.

YES WB Water Base is a 96% certified organic water-based lotion. It gently protects and lubricates the vagina as it covers the skin.

The good thing about the water base is that it's easy to create a fluid-like texture, and you can use it without rinsing it off after use. YES Water Base" is also a water-based lotion that is light and refreshing. However, it doesn't feel like it penetrates the skin like a toner.

When you take it out, it has a loose jelly-like texture on your hands. When I pick it up and stretch it out, it stretches surprisingly well, but you can see that it stays on the skin and covers it well.
It's slippery and doesn't feel uncomfortable when you rub it against the skin. The secret is the plant-derived ingredients, including aloe. It creates a glossy texture while protecting its lushness.
When choosing a water-based lubricant, it's important that it doesn't dry out too quickly, and YES Waterbase is an organic solution to that problem. After using it, just wipe it off quickly and your skin will feel smooth. It's designed to balance pH in the vagina, so you don't have to rinse it off unless you're worried about it.

Because it is fragrance-free, it has the unique smell of organic plants. This is due to our commitment to being natural without added fragrance. Also, when choosing a lotion, some people ask, "Is it safe to lick?" Basically, all of Love Piece Club's lotions are safe to lick. "YES Water Base" is also safe to lick. It can be used with condoms and toys.

Start with a small amount and adjust the amount depending on how you use it. For example, if you want to use it in addition to body fluids, it should be about the size of a 500 yen coin.
If you feel it's getting harder to get wet, take out the amount on the palm of your hand.

YES is all about being ethical!
We are committed to being an ethical comapany in all areas.
All of our business policies and businesses are based on the fundamental human rights of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Everyone includes: customers, employees, vendors, community members and funders (including auditors). We do not make political contributions and are not associated with any company involved in the arms trade.
We will strive to ensure that human rights standards are firmly respected in both the supply process and the Yes company.
We listen to our customers to create better products that help them be happy and healthy.
We will proactively communicate and sell our products without fear or anxiety.
In order to value the hearts and minds of our employees, we value new endeavors, respect diversity,
 We are flexible and supportive of each person's growth.
We will be more proactive in communicating and educating people about the effects of chemicals on the body and how they are absorbed through the skin.

*There may be a sour smell due to the nature of the ingredients used. Please be assured that this is a normal product. In particular, the smell may become noticeable after opening the package for a period of time. Please use the product within 4 months after opening.

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FAQ about products

Q Is it safe to put it in my body? A The Love Peace Club carefully selects lotions that you can enjoy with peace of mind. This lotion goes directly into the body. It has to be safe to lick, eat, and put anywhere. At Love Peace Club, we only carry products that have been approved by the strict standards of the country of production. Of course, you can put it anywhere on your body and use it safely in your mouth or in your body.
Q How do I use it?   A If you want to use it before sex, it is recommended to take it out to the palm of your hand and apply it beforehand with your fingers.There are also handy items like the Lovely Pump.
If you are using it in the middle, please take it out in the palm of your hand. There is no "right amount" of lotion to use, but it is recommended to start with the amount that does not overflow from the palm of your hand. If you feel your skin is vulnerable, use a small amount and patch test before using it. If you feel sexual pain, try adding more lotion in the middle to find the best amount for you. On a cold day, warm it up in the palm of your hand and use it with both hands to reduce the coldness.
It can also be used with the toy. If you want to use it with a toy, you should apply it generously to the tip and then apply it evenly to the middle of the product to feel the moisture.


Dii Pleasing texture and smell

Very easy to use, it feels nice on the fingers and body. It smells pleasant. とても使いやすく、指や体に心地よいです。いい匂いがします。

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