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【bananapants】shagger Blue Azure
Just by attaching it to a dildo, you can dramatically improve your comfort level! If you've ever had sex with a harness, you'll think, "This idea is an invention!


【bananapants】shagger Blue Azure

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●Material: silicone
●Size: 65mm (width), 100mm (height)
●Manufacture: bananapants
The dildo in the photo is not included.

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If you've ever had sex with a harness, you'll immediately think, "This is a great idea! I'm sure you'll get the idea as soon as you see it. Most normal dildos have a horizontal base. However, at the Love Peace Club, we have very popular dildos like the FUZE series and the fantastick Neo, which are designed to fit the vagina of the person wearing the dildo! The main reason for the popularity of these dildos is that they can be worn in combination with a harness, and just like that, the person wearing the dildo can feel good, and both of you can enjoy it together.

You can enjoy the feeling! I wish I could experience the same feeling with my favorite dildo that I have now. !!!! The Shagger is the answer to your dreams and longings.
It is the sister product of the popular BUMPER.
All you have to do is attach the Shagger to your dildo base. The Shagger is made of very soft and durable silicone, so it is easy to expand the small hole with both hands to make it bigger and easier to put on. The hole diameter is less than 20mm, but the stretch fits dildo bases up to 82mm. Once it is attached, let's try it out!
The soft tip with its unique contour will touch and stimulate you with every movement of your hips. Even if you don't have a dildo, it feels good to apply it to yourself or to your partner, with plenty of lotion and stroking with the folds.

The folds are lined up in such a way that they run down the middle of the length, so that the folds bridge from the clitoris to the perineum area, and hit the entrance of the vagina as if they were coming in a little bit. Since it is made of silicone, it can be used with lotion. Rather, it is strongly recommended to use it with lotion! Not only will it protect your skin, but it will also dramatically increase the feeling of pleasure. When you move your hips and hit your partner, it is as if you are being stimulated with your fingers in your vagina, and you can experience the real pleasure of having your senses connected to the dildo.

It is compatible with both open ring type harnesses such as denim harnesses and yoke harnesses, as well as the rodeoH underwear harnesses. The combination of the two is a perfect match, making sex more fun, free and pleasurable!

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