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New York Toy Collective Archer Small Caramel
NYTC, a dildo company that makes dildos from the perspective of the people involved, makes dildos for authentic daily use. It's soft and light and creates a natural puffiness.


New York Toy Collective Archer Small Caramel

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●Material: silicone
●Size: Overall length 105mm, diameter 25mm, insertable part 90mm, pedestal part 75×50mm
●Weight: 90g

※Because this product is handmade, the color may look slightly different from the photo depending on the product.

販売価格:¥5,940 (tax included)
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Known for quality silicone dildos with realistic textures, New York Toy Collective is a sex toy company created by a group of parties who founded it in 2012. The Love Peace Club is sympathetic to the New York Toy Collective and will be carrying NewYorkToy Collective (NYTC) merchandise in earnest starting in the fall of 2016. In Japan, it is only available at the Love Peace Club.

The NYTC pack dildo is a dildo that is routinely kept in your pants to inflate.
The material is also realistic and perfectly reproduces the softness of the erection when it's not.
It weighs a whopping 90 grams!
It almost doesn't feel like you're wearing it, and yet it creates a natural lumpiness. It is designed so that even if you put on the pants that are tight, it does not rumble, and the angle to fall does not protrude from the line of the human body exquisitely. It's also very small. At first glance, it looks like... It's so small? and...
Living in a woman's biological body, there are not many opportunities to see a man's penis without an erection. So, it looks so small for a moment, but if it's a small Asian one, it's a normal size.
”I bought a dildo that I usually wear, but it was too big and the feeling of being stiff was emphasized too much....".
Don't worry about it! The size and weight are real. It's even more realistic, reproducing the streaks on the back. You can feel that they are made with everyday use in mind and that they are easy to use anywhere.

Many of these real dildos are made from petroleum, which has a strong odor and can quickly stain and crack, but this dildo is made from silicone, which can be used semi-permanently. It's safe for your body and you don't have to wear a condom.
It is made of silicone, so there is no smell. It's soft enough to be deeply indented when pressed with a finger, and it's also elastic enough to be bounced back softly because it's tightly packed with silicone.

Of course, it can also be inserted. The insertable part is 90mm / 25mm in diameter, so if you're using it as an insertion dildo, it's the smallest dildo in the Love Peace Club. It is difficult to make a piston movement because there is no core, but you can enjoy the feeling of penetration because there is a diameter of about three fingers.

It's easy to clean, just wash it with lukewarm water and soap before and after use. I also recommend using a toy cleaner if you are curious about it. Wipe it with a clean cloth and use it again!

【how to use】
The nice thing about Archer is that you can see that it's moderately but firmly present even with skinny jeans and such. The place where you can have sex as it is only a dildo that usually wears it is also a staff recommendation point. It's the smallest dildo in the Love Peace Club, which means it's perfect for beginners. It is soft, so when you insert it, it is smooth if you hold it from the bottom with your hand a little.

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