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BEST 5BS4月5日 ~ 4月12日

  • BSディルド アガタ


    13,530 yen

    Cute bumpy dildos from BS! BS is a sex toy company based in Spain and creates a lot of excellent dildos.  Agatha has a bumpy semi-realistic shape. Same size as 3-4 fingers and easy-to-use. Cute lig

  • BSディルド アズール


    13,530 yen

    The dildo with a bumpy texture is here! The slightly realistic shape of the dildo is also soft pink and rainbow colors, so it doesn't feel at all naughty.

  • 腟ダイレーター no.5

    Vaginal Dilator by BS No.5

    6,600 yen

    Hand Made Vaginal Dilator size No.5 from BS, Spain. 100% Medical Safe Silicone.

  • 腟ダイレーター no.4

    Vaginal Dilator by BS No.4

    6,050 yen

    Vaginal Dilator size No.4 from BS, Spain.100% Medical Safe Silicone.

  • カプセル LPC×BS


    8,140 yen

    The best-selling plug of plumpy silicon! It looks like you can enjoy various things with it in!

  • エッグプラグ LPC×BS

    eggplug BS×LPC

    6,600〜7,150 yen

    Put it in slowly. Let's surrender to the pleasure of being pressed! I'm glad that it's harder to get out than a straight plug. You will feel the ultimate comfort of high-grade silicone!

  • ビンゴオレンジ LPC×BS

    Bingo orange

    7,260 yen

    Put it in slowly, slowly. Let's surrender yourself to the deep pleasure! This is an anal plug. Recommended for beginners!

  • アップルグリーンプラグ LPC×BS

    Suit Apple Green

    6,380 yen

    It's perfect for your first anal plug, but it's also great as a thin or short dildo for vagina! You can enjoy the frustration of not being able to reach the back of your penis!

  • BSディルド クイン

    BS Quinn

    10,120 yen

    If you are looking for a small & thin dildo, this is the one! It's soft and springy and suitable for beginners.

  • ブリトニー LPC×BS

    Brittany LPC×BS

    11,660 yen

    If you are looking for a small and narrow dildo, this is the one! It has a puffy and sticky feel.LOVE PIECE CLUB ORIGINAL COLOR DILDO!

  • サンタナ LPC×BS

    Dildo Sport Tokyo LPC×BS

    10,120 yen

    If you are looking for a shame and fine dildo, this is the one! It is soft and springy and suitable for beginners.LOVE PIECE CLUB ORIGINAL COLOR DILDO!






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