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The best-selling plug of plumpy silicon! It looks like you can enjoy various things with it in!



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●Workable length:80mm
●Average diameter:30mm
●Made in Spain Handmade

販売価格:¥8,140 (tax included)
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Item Number: 02090056

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This is the most popular and best-selling dildo from the Spanish dildo brand BS! 
This is an exquisite shape that can be enjoyed both as a dildo and a plug.
The best part is this curve. When you put it in, it goes in with a thud, and thanks to this angle, it won't fall out. If you tighten it with your vaginal muscles or intestines while it's inside...you'll feel a throbbing pleasure rising up from the middle of your body.
It is recommended when you want to enjoy the anal pleasure and try the anal pleasure.
Once you put it in, it doesn't come off easily, so you can have more and more sex with it, whether it's oral sex or sex with a different dildo.

BS is a women's company run exclusively by women in Spain.
Originally designed by Sabela Dopazo and Beatriz Higón, who made art as sculptors.
This time, they were made in collaboration with the Love Peace Club in their original colors!
This is a serious company that uses high quality silicon and makes each item by hand.
Enjoy the softness that is clearly different from that of other silicones.

Using the ideas

The angle is small enough to reach deep inside. The angle of the dildo is very important! When I use the capsule, I can see that the angle is very important! How about having sex with the harness while the capsule is in? Put the capsule in my direction, put the harness on and insert another dildo into the other person. We'll have more fun and feel better about each other! (Cheb)

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FAQ about products

Q Can it be used with a harness? A It is very thin and has a small base, so it comes off quickly when used in a harness. Also, it is not designed to be used as a piston, and it is difficult to use it with a harness because it is not designed to be used as a piston.
Q Is there an anal sex zone? A It's not an "easy to understand" sexual area like the clitoris. Also, there is no point to stimulate the prostate like men do. However, you can enjoy the sensation of being inside or stimulating your clitoris while it is inside to deepen your sense of fulfillment. Also, not all men feel pleasure in the anus, but it is recommended to expand the range of sex with your male partner by suggesting an anal plug!

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