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A slim, long and bulky dildo. The unique bottom design covers the clitoris and feels good to wear.



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●Material: Medical silicon
●Size: 200mm in length
Diameter: 25mm
Insertable part: 140mm
●Manufacturer: fuze (Canada)
●Country of manufacture: USA
●Small rotor can be inserted

販売価格:¥8,800 (tax included)
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Item Number: 4970

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The "fuze" brand of dildos was founded by Canadian women who are well versed in harness sex.
They use the highest quality silicone and ergonomic designs that harmonize with the body to create their products with attention to detail.
Each individual has a different body shape and needs. This is why the brand offers a wide range of shapes, sizes, silicon hardness, and even surface textures.

If you are a harness user, this "THE FUZE NOVA" is just the kind of dildo you've been waiting for! The FUZE NOVA is the kind of dildo that harness users have been waiting for, and at first glance, you'll feel as if you've solved a long-standing mystery, as if this is what your dildo has been missing.

No.1: The wearer feels good too! Distinctive bottom
Unlike conventional dildos, this dildo does not stand on its own.
The base is neither round nor horizontal. This is why you can enjoy the perfect angle when the dildo is attached to the harness.
In addition, there are soft silicone bumps on the side where the dildo is attached. With or without lotion, just put on the harness and it will stimulate your side (clitoris) with great tenderness and erotic sensations. When you move your hips and hit your partner, you can feel the real sensation of your clitoris being stimulated with your fingers, or rather, the connection between the dildo and your senses.

No.2: Slim and long! Soft! You can enjoy a variety of positions.
THE FUZE NOVA, the thinnest of the fuze series, is 25mm in diameter, smaller than a 500 yen coin, and is designed for those who have little experience in insertion or are not used to insertion.
On the other hand, the insertion part is slightly longer (140mm), so it can be used in all kinds of positions, such as sitting or lying back, where length is required.
In addition, the shaft is soft enough to squirm just by holding the bottom and shaking it, which is not suitable for strong pistoning, but prevents pain and discomfort.

No.3: 100% medical grade high quality silicone
100% medical grade silicone is used.
There is no odor peculiar to silicone, and it is safe to use for those who are allergic to rubber. The texture is dense and smooth to the touch. The feeling of being touched is gentle and pleasant for both the wearer and the one being inserted.

No.4: Fun for two people! Fun for one person too!
There is a small pocket on the bottom where you can place a small lip-type rotor.
This way, the same vibrations are transmitted to both you and your partner.
The wearer can especially enjoy the stimulation of the clitoris.
Of course, you can also use it alone, by all means! I want you to use it. If you put a rotor in and apply lotion to the uneven base, you can enjoy the erotic sensation of being licked. You can also use it as an insert vibrator.

No.5: Firm and stable
Because it is so thin, I was worried about the stability of the dildo when attached to a harness, but because the base has a large oval shape and is curved to match the curves of your body, it is hard to shift and can handle large movements.

This is the dildo I've been waiting for!
The amazingly soft NOVA is perfect for exploring new sensations!

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