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FUN FACTORY's long-awaited series is a hybrid vibe that can run on batteries or on a charge! A cute dolphin has been turned into a vibrator! It's easy to put in with a gentle curve, and it's recommend



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●Material: silicone
●Length: 194mm
●Diameter: 15mm to 36mm
●Insertable part: 129mm
●Weight: 180g
●Sound: Small ★★★☆☆ Large
●Charging Method:AAA batteries x 2 pcs.
●When using the charger for FunFactory [HYBRID KITT], it becomes a USB type charge.
●Vibe pattern: 6 types
●Vibe strength: 4 levels
●Waterproof for life
●Brand:Fun Factory

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The German toy brand of the most popular long-established German toy in the world that "FUN FACTORY" started in 1996.
While many manufacturers have factories in Asia to keep prices down, we have a factory in Germany and our craftsmen carefully make each and every one of our products. In addition, more than half of the employees at the company's headquarters in Germany are women. It's a very serious brand that makes toys that are very close to women's opinions.

The watchword of this toy is "THE FUTURE IS HERE"!
It is a hybrid vibe series equipped with the latest technology.
Currently, there are two main types of Toy's rechargeable batteries.
There are two types of batteries, one is the old type and the other is the rechargeable type, which has recently become the mainstream.
The appeal of the rechargeable battery is that it can be used repeatedly without buying batteries, but once the charge is cut off, it takes several hours to become a full charge...depending on the product, it may take from half a day to nearly a day.
I want to use it! It can be frustrating to find that you can't use it when you want to, or that the battery runs out while you're having fun.
On the other hand, it is an advantage that the battery type can be used anywhere at any time if there is even a battery, but it is a little troublesome that it must be stored for buying.
The advantages/disadvantages of each of the two. Isn't there anything that combines the best of both?
This "Hybrid Vibe" is the one that grabbed the user's attention.

①It can be used as long as you have 2 AAA batteries on the market.
② "Hybrid Kit" (sold separately) can be used repeatedly for recharging.

Hybrid kit is a set product of rechargeable AAA battery and FunFactory exclusive charger [click charge] (charge cord).
You can charge it by connecting Click Charge while the battery is in the toy.
You can use either one or the other!
You can use the hybrid kit to charge the battery when you are at home, and then use a spare battery when you run out of charge, or just to take your phone on a trip.
In addition, the battery can be charged by the charger for FunFactory [click charge], and it means that the battery on hand can also be charged. It's eco-friendly! It is indeed "Ecolo".

Well, it is "DIVA DOLPHIN" to introduce this time from this hybrid series!
To tell the truth, FUN FACTORY has been making this dolphin type vibe since establishment in 1996.
It is because it is a complete system of the vibrator that the tip is thin and it is easy to insert even for beginners, and also because the body part has a feeling of insertion firmly, even advanced players can be satisfied.
The shape of the dolphin is "a vibe that suits all people! It is also a form of the "FUNFACTORY" philosophy.
The mouth of a dolphin's spiky tip is thin and gently curved, so the dolphin can't let go when it feels good. And it's easy to slip in!
The color is a bright and bright blue. It has a stylish feel to it.

The thickness is 15mm at the thinnest part of the diameter and 36mm at the maximum, with a slender and slender form throughout.
The insertion part is 129mm in length, and it is also a good point of the straight type vibe that can be inserted for a long time. It's easy to use whether you like shallow or deep areas.

And the material is FUNFACTORY's unique silicone, which is soft enough to be bent by your finger, and has a springy texture. If you don't like the hard texture, but want to insert it properly..., don't worry!

The vibrations are worrisome, but there are 4 levels of strength and 6 patterns.
Although it is small, the powerful motor resonates in the belly.
+ to the next vibe pattern and - to the previous vibe pattern.
Up to the first four levels, the standard pattern is to vibrate in small increments with a "bobbing", but each time you press the + button, the vibration becomes stronger, and you can choose your favorite strength from the four levels.
The first stage of strength and weakness is a common vibrator vibration, "Is it like this? You may be thinking, "I'm going to do this. It's a numbing, violent vibe on all four levels.
Click the + button and from the fifth step, there are six different patterns, such as undulating vibes, vibes that linger but fade out, and vibes that intensify and repeat. (These six different vibe patterns cannot be made strong or weak.)

Well, if it can output such a powerful vibration, is there any burden on the body? Don't you worry that it will not burden your body?
Don't worry, if this is a hard material such as ABS resin, you may feel the pain with a "bang", but the soft silicone "DIVA DOLPHIN" covers the unpleasant stimulus firmly. The powerful vibration leads to a feeling of pleasure rather than pain.

Weighing 180g, the motor is light despite its solidity, and the handle has a little roughness and is made of a material that is not slippery and easy to grip, making it hard to get tired even after a long time.
This is a vibe idea that can be widely recommended from beginners who have made their vibe debut to advanced users who like the depth of the vibe!

<Cleaning method>
●It is waterproof and can be washed in water. However, when washing it, remove the batteries and make sure that water does not get into the part where the batteries are placed. Always clean and store after each use.
●Do not use alcohol or silicone based cleaners. Also, please refrain from using silicone based lotions.
●Do not use this product while charging the hybrid. Disconnect the charger and then turn it on.
●Keep away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

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