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If you use the product of FunFactory product "HYBRID VIBE" series by the rechargeable type, please purchase this kit!


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●Contents: Rechargeable batteries (AAA x 2), Click Charge (dedicated Fun Factory charger)
●USB rechargeable

販売価格:¥3,300 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01035820

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This is a dedicated charging kit for Fun Factory's HYBRID VIBE series. Please charge it while setting the attached AAA battery to the main body of the vibe. The charging cord is not the type that plugs into the hole, but the type that clicks on with a magnet. It is easy to charge and the vibe side is completely waterproof. The glowing button changes depending on the charge status, so it's easy to see and convenient. 0% to 33%: (-) button flashes 33% to 66%: (+) button flashes 66% to 99%: (FUN) button flashes 100%: (FUN) button lights up and stays on More compact, more global! If you want to use the product of "HYBRID VIBE" series of FunFactory as "Hybrid Vibe" by the rechargeable type, please purchase this kit! When charging from an outlet, a USB type AC adapter is needed separately.

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