A toy for men that pursues the pleasure of a stroke. Easy to grip along the line, unevenness to spread lotion evenly, and an easy to stroke handle.

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●Material: silicone
●Size: Length: 180mm, Inner diameter: 30mm
●Weight: 242g
●Charging method: USB charging
●Charging time: 6-8 hours for the first full charge
●Consecutive use time: 2 hours
●Vibe pattern: 6 types
●Vibe strength: 6 levels
●Waterproof: completely waterproof (can't be used in water)
●Manufacturer's warranty: 2 year
●Manufacturer: FunFactory
●Made in Germany

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The German brand FunFactory is a new men's toy. As its name suggests, it has a unique shape that imitates the popular manta ray of the sea.
A manta ray is characterized by two fins on its head that curve inward. It was inspired by the form of this fillet.
Until now, the mainstream of men's toys has been a cock ring attached to the root or a cup-type toy that is wrapped around the body.
Both of them feel good, of course, but there are many men who get pleasure from stimulation by strokes when masturbating or having sex.
Also, while men's toys are great for use alone, they are a little too big for use with a partner, and they don't look as smart, so honestly, what's wrong with two people using them together? To be honest, I've often seen toys that say, "What about two people?
In that case. What if we simply pursue the pleasantness of the stroke?
What's more, it's a stylish toy that will not only function well when used together, but will also be a good design and won't ruin the atmosphere.
MANTA is the result of this "wishful thinking".

Sleek and easy to handle, MANTA glides over the penis and stimulates it. The strong vibrations are so strong that they go around to the back of the penis, and you can taste the sense of oneness that makes you feel as if the penis itself has become a vibrator.
If you're a couple, slide the manta over the root of the penis while having a blowjob, or if you're a male couple, massage each other, or if you're a male couple, place the manta over the root of the penis (especially if you're in a cowgirl position, the woman should hold the manta over the root of the penis so that it fits easily and both of you can feel the vibrations!) (especially if you hold the woman's hand at the base of her body so that it's easier to fit and you can both feel the vibrations!

Also, I'm curious about the many grooves on the MANTA. This is a great invention that goes great with the lotion!
When I put a lot of lotion on it...I was really surprised!
Lotion flows into each one of the uneven grooves and covers the toy evenly as if it were covered with lotion.
It depends on the viscosity of the lotion, but one of the problems when playing solo is that the lotion on the toy drips and drips out.Have you ever had that experience where your underwear and sheets get dirty and you feel depressed?
However, MANTA is designed from the very beginning to use with lotion so that you don't have to use lotion around you even though you can play without using your hands.
The central slit allows the vibrations to glide around more forcefully, and the easy grip handle makes for a comfortable stroke.

Move up and down on the tip, or make large strokes, and find a comfortable point for both of you.

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