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【biird.】clitoris socks
First in Japan, Biird., a Dutch pleasure toys brand, has sent us a wonderful pair of socks! Why don't you wear clitoris-patterned socks to take care of yourself and get to know yourself?

【biird.】clitoris socks

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●Material: 75% cotton, 10% nylon, 10% polyester, 5% elastic
●Size: Free
●Manufacturer: biird.

販売価格:¥2,000 (tax included)
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First time in Japan! Dutch pleasure toy brand biird.
It is a female-led toy brand with a mission to dispel taboos surrounding women's pleasure.

 The brand name "biird." is both friendly and has a strong message of "We are free to fly like a bird!
Bird also emphasizes "come as you are" . biird's goal is not to dictate how or when to use its products, but to provide products that allow users to explore their own bodies and those of their partners in ways they never thought possible.

Bird is also committed to environmental protection and makes donations to Onetreeplanted, a non-profit organization that works to reforest the world's forests.
For every biird product purchased, a donation is made in the purchaser's name to Onetreeplanted to plant a tree in a desired location. It is wonderful that Bird does not just donate the proceeds to Onetreeplanted, but also makes us, the purchasers, feel that we are actually involved in the process.

Bird, a trustworthy company in every respect, is clitoris supreme. The desire to value the clitoris doesn't stop with toys!
At a quick glance, they are just socks with a pattern, but if you look closely... there are clitoral patterns scattered all over them.
If you didn't know what a clitoris looks like, you might not even know what this pattern is.

biird. creates clitoral goods because they want their products to be more than just a sex toy, but also an opportunity for users to get to know themselves.
For example, if we ask, "What is the shape of your penis?" everyone can describe the same shape to some extent. But if you ask, "What is the shape of the clitoris?", you will get the same answer: ......? Most people would answer that it is that little "dot" that you can see.

However, as depicted in the socks, the clitoris is not just a "dot". Bird has created a unique clitoris product in the hopes that you will be aware of this fact!

Why don't you wear these socks and feel more familiar with the clitoris?

These pink socks will brighten your spirits and make a great gift!

*Care instructions
・Machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius or less.
・Do not bleach or dry clean.

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