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Q. How do I care for my toy?

A. Please clean and handle carefully, because toys are used on sensitive parts of your body.

There are different ways to care for toys depending on the material they are made of, so please check the instructions for each product for details. If the toy is not waterproof, wash the surface of the toy, taking care to avoid water or toy cleaner into the motor part. For toys made of PVC, keep them separate from other toys and do not use a firm scrubbing brush or sponge to wash them.
Wash them with soft cloths or using your hands and only use the cleaner specified for the toy. The cleaner we sell kills germs and bacteria and is safe to touch bodily fluids. Please do not use washing liquid or any commercially-supplied cleaners.

Q. What are some easy items to keep your toys clean?

A. You can use soap, but we recommend using a special toy cleaner.

The cleaners we sell at the LPC are ingredients that kill germs and bacteria, yet are safe for contact with mucus. Never use dish cleaners nor laundry detergent.

Q. How long is durability of sex goods?

A. Unfortunately, vibrators are not 'immortal'.

The motor will gradually become warn out with use and will not last forever.
We LPC offers high quality toys with 1 to 10 years manufacturer warranty.
However, there are things you can do to make toys last longer. For example, if batteries are used, please make sure you take them out after each use.. Also please keep toys in a dry place (humidity damages vibrators) and do not let any water slip into the motor.
It would be advisable not to use a toy for more than half an hour as the motor could over- heat and break down..(with image) Please take out the batteries each time you finish using your toys.(with image) Please keep your toys in a dry place.

Q. Can you get rid of sex toys that I no longer need at LPC?

A. YES. LPC will also dispose of items from other stores.

When your precious toys stop working.... There are many people who have trouble finding a way to dispose of them. There are different ways to dispose of toys depending on the region and the material they are made of, but there are also many people who feel it is dangerous to dispose of them as garbage. At the Love Peace Club, we sell kits to dispose of toys safely and in privacy. We also take in items purchased at other stores and dispose of them in accordance with government regulations. So that you can enjoy your toys with peace of mind, LPC will follow up you and your toy until the very end!Bye Bye Vibrator Kit, please click here.

bye-bye vibrator kit

Q. How to choose sex goods?

A. We offer over 500 sex goods.

With such a broad range of products, we are sure that you will find one which suits you and meets your needs. Let's see here.

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