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Bye Bye Vibrator Kit
Bye Bye Vibrator Kit

Bye Bye Vibrator Kit

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S size 140mmテ・00mm M size 180mmÁE00mm L size 240mmテ・40mm

販売価格:¥550〜660 (tax included)
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Item Number: 07090079〜07090081

Points obtained: 25〜30 LPC Points

Are you worried about putting vibes and DVDs to the waste collection? If so, this is a service for you. Lovepiececlub will dispose of your old/unused sex toys and DVDs on your behalf. We will send you a special aluminium bag for you to put them and send back to us. You can also add any toys bought from other sex shops. Our bags come in three sizes so please choose the size which suits your needs best. Please pay for your own postage (We cannot accept postage costs if packages are sent to our office not prepaid) You can put as many toys as you wish in the bag, but we cannot accept anything sent in other bags or not in the bag. *L-size bag can contain two big vibrators and some rotors.

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