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It warms up to 40℃ in about 40 seconds. Realistic "human touch" reproduction is now possible. This reversible vibrator can be enjoyed by all genders.



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●Material:Medical grade silicone + ABS
●Size: W103mm(head) x H106mm x D30mm
Maximum diameter: 30mm
●Noise: low★☆☆☆high
●Battery Type:USB
●Charging Time:2 hours for full charge
●Operating time:Up to 1 hour
●Vibrate Modes:3 modes 
●Vibrate Intensities:7 levels
●Waterproof:Completely waterproof (up to 1m deep water)
●Warranty Period:1 year
●Manufacturer:Lora DiCarlo
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥24,200 (tax included)
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Item Number: 5503

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Lora DiCarlo is a brand created with the simple idea that "Pleasure is Good for You."

LoraDiCarlo affirms women's sexual wellness and pleasure, and to this end, pursues a philosophy and technology that uses technology to solve problems related to women's lives and bodies. They develop their products using cutting-edge technology. They support each person's different body and different way of feeling pleasure, and aim to deepen pleasure with tech.
LoraDiCarlo is at the forefront of femTech, the world's largest consumer electronics show in 2019, where LoraDiCarlo's products won a technology award in the field of microrobotics. Microrobotics is a technology for miniaturization of robots, which is attracting attention as a technology for a sustainable future, as it allows high-performance robots to save energy by making them smaller.
Using such cutting-edge technology, LoraDiCarlo aims to be the ideal pleasure toy for sustainable and ethical consumption.
In November 2020, the model Cara Delevingne, who is also an outspoken feminist, joined the company as a co-owner.

Lora DiCarlo has released a long-awaited vibrator with a heat function! The company has released three types of vibrators at once: DRIFT, SWAY, and TILT.

[Threateningly fast heat function.]
Vibrators with a heat function are not that rare today, but most of them have a problem that the inside of the heat function (internal heat conductor wiring) is not precise, resulting in uneven warmth. In addition, it took a while for the heat function to warm up, with many taking more than three minutes.
Lora DiCarlo, on the other hand, is incredibly fast, warming up to about 40℃  in 30 to 40 seconds! This is a technological innovation in the heat world!
You may think, "It only takes two and a half minutes..." but two and a half minutes from the time you decide to pleasure yourself is... a very long time!
The less time you have to wait for the vibrator to warm up, the better.

And this TILT not only warms the tip, it also warms the area where the clitoris rests! By warming not only the vaginal area but also the protruding clitoris, it improves blood circulation and leads to deeper orgasms...!

[Equipped with dual motors.]
Not only do two parts get warm. The dual motors allow the external vibrator (tip) and the internal vibrator (clitoral area) to vibrate separately. Each has 7 levels of strong and weak vibrations and 3 types of vibration patterns. By setting each to pattern mode, you can enjoy interesting vibrations in conjunction with the external and internal vibrators.

[For all genders.]
This TILT is a vibrator developed for the enjoyment of all genders. For vaginal use, please use it in this orientation.
The artificial engineering design provides simultaneous stimulation to the G-spot and clitoris at the perfect angle! And you can also enjoy the heat function. The delicate ingenuity of the indentation that wraps around the clitoris is also unique to Lola DiCarlo.

If used vaginally as well as anally, it should be used in the same orientation. For hygiene reasons, we recommend using a condom for both vaginal and anal use.
If you wish to stimulate the prostate gland, please turn it upside down. This will warm the inside of the anus and the upper part of the anus, and you can enjoy new pleasurable sensations.

The 7-step vibration pattern is very powerful when set to full power, making it enjoyable for all, including beginners.

[Completely waterproof.]
Completely waterproof, capable of water depths of up to 1m. It can be enjoyed in the bathroom and can be washed entirely.

[Also as a vaginal training tool.]
As a supplementary function, it can also be used as a Kegel training item to balance the pelvic floor muscles. At the same time as pledging, the vibration exercises the muscles. It is coated with velvety soft medical grade silicone for a great feel.

Lora DiCarlo pursues the reproduction of a realistic "human touch". Now, with the use of conductive polymer heating technology, it is possible to reproduce a realistic "human touch".
Try the TILT, which warms the entire clitoris and provides new pleasure to the clitoris, vagina, or anus.

[How to use TILT]
・Power ON/OFF・・・Press and hold the power button for 1.5 seconds until the LED button flashes.
・Turn ON/OFF the heat function・・Press and hold the warming button for 1.5 seconds.
・One-touch setting・・・Pressing the power button when the vibrator is running will return both the internal and external vibrators to level 1.
・Travel Locking・・・All buttons can be locked to prevent TILT from being turned on at the wrong time, such as while on the move. Press and hold the power button and the external vibrator button (B) at the same time to lock the LED light blinking. To unlock, press and hold the power button (A) and the internal vibrator button (D) at the same time; the LED light will flash and the button will unlock.

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