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LOVE PIECE CLUB select the high quality and sophisticated toys with high grade materials with safety.

BEST 57月5日 ~ 7月12日

  • Straight Vibrators

    Straight Vibrators

    Straight type vibrator is very simple insert vibrator. However it does not need to be used only for inserting. Each toys are high quality and body safe.

  • attraction


    It is a very popular suction vibe since its release. You can enjoy the sensation of being strongly sucked by the soft lips, a suction vibe. It is the type of toy that leads to orgasm without touching the clitoris.

  • Rabbit Vibrators

    Rabbit Vibrators

    Able to stimulate on your clitoris while you insert the vibrator. Very simple but effective to get orgasm!

  • Spot Stimulators

    Spot Stimulators

    There are many kinds of toys. For this page vibrating toys could be used for stimulating clitoris, breasts and where you like! Those toys are not suitable for inserting.

  • Wearable


    Wearable toys for your fingers and other parts. Enjoy toys as if it is a part of you body!

  • warming


    The vibrator can be warmed up with the heat function.

  • Gspot Vibrators

    Gspot Vibrators

    You could find your G-spot from few cm inside of your opening of Vagina. When you had enough stimulation on your G-spot, it starts to get heat and you would feel the sensational pressure.

  • Couples


    We've collected the best toys for two people to enjoy together. Female & female, female & male, male & male, any combination (any number of people?) A fun toy for you and your partner!

  • Remote control

    Remote control

    This toy can be controlled remotely using the included controller and app.



    LOVE PIECE CLUB choose toys following our strict rule, to check quality and material. Since we choose the BEST toys for women's body , sometimes price tend to be expensive. We finally find some good toys at good prices. For beginners and younger generation for the first toy!

  • Soft Vibrators

    Soft Vibrators

    We LOVE PIECE CLUB only handle the items made with body safe materials. Especially, soft and flexible toys are quite popular among our customer. Compare to the cheap vinyl chloride, medical grade silicone made toys tend to be harder. So we have chosen the toys with safe, soft and smooth texture.

  • Premium


    There are a lot of vibes in the LPC... among them, we especially recommend We call our luxury toys "premium vibes". Right now, when you purchase a Premium Vibe, you will receive a lotion and cleaner with the purchase of a Premium Vibe.



    They move like they're alive! A "piston-toy" that massages the body from the inside out and makes the whole body feel good.

  • Electric wand

    Electric wand

    There are different types of powerful electric wand. And the cap that covers the weak point of the electric wand that it is too strong stimulation and cannot be washed is also included in the set! If you use the cap, you can stimulate the G-spot with the power of the electric wand.

  • Anal Vibrators

    Anal Vibrators

    The vibrator you use for anal should be a special toy for safety. Many people think that the harder it is, the easier it will be to insert, but this is not always the case. There is no limit. If you try to force a hard object, it will cause pain in the anal canal and rectum, and the muscles will contract, making insertion impossible. It may run out. This is a special vibrator made of silicone that is moderately hard and soft. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not secrete lubrication, so please use it with plenty of lotion.

  • Male Vibrator

    Male Vibrator

    Wearable vibrators for the penis and dildos. Also the anal vibrators are recommended as boys toys.



  • FunFactory


    FUN FACTORY produces a colorful world of love toys in trendy colors such as pink, purple or apple green. The vibrators and dildos are reminiscent of stylish accessories rather than male genitalia and therefore have convincingly secured their place in the lifestyle segment. Not only is emphasis placed on exterior appearance but also on carefully regulated quality. All FUN FACTORY products are made of 100% medical standard silicone and materials gentle to the body and are mostly finished by hand.

  • Dame(USA)


  • JeJoue


    Launched in 2008, London-based Je Joue is passionate about empowering couples and individuals to have great sexual experiences. Inspired by pioneering 'sex-positive' retailers around the world, we aim to be informative, helping people to explore and understand their bodies better, and we aim to produce beautiful sex toys that introduce people to exciting new pleasure possibilities. With the knowledge we share and the products we develop, we encourage people to have richer sex lives.

  • LELO


    LELO is the world’s leading designer brand for intimate lifestyle products. Launched in 2003, LELO is famous for transforming the look, feel and function of how personal massagers are perceived, bringing a new level of luxury to products of this kind.










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