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Love Piece Club membership scheme

There are lots of benefits if you subscribe to our membership. By becoming a member, you will enjoy special benefit when you shop.
Of course we will treat our customers with customer care of the highest standard regardless of their membership status in order to satisfy all our customers.

LPC sweet membership

With LPC sweet membership, you can enjoy a smooth shopping experience with added value, There is no fee and you can collect points overtime as you shop with us. 1 point can be used as 1 yen for your purchases with us.
You can remove your personal information online. Any personal details provided will be treated with the strictest confidentiality by our trained staff and will never be passed on to any third party.

Benefit for Love Piece Club Sweet members

You can collect points every time you shop with us.
5% of the price for your order will be credited as points and they can be used anytime as they do not have an expiry date.
300 points are given to you for writing feedback on our products.
You can receive 300 points for each piece of feedback you write on our products (regardless of the price of the product).
Your order history and wish list can be created.
You can access to your order history and wish list.
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Love-P chan club membership

If you haven't bought anything yet but are interested in our products, Love-P chan club membership is for you!
By joining you will receive our e-newsletters with information on special offers. You don't need to enter your address or any personal data,all you need is an email address. Once you register, you will receive our e-newsletter every Monday which brings news of our latest products and special sales for members.
※If you are a Love piece club 'sweet' member, you can manage your own on-line subscription to the e-newsletter.

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Password reissue

You can change or remove your registered information at any time.

Respecting and protecting the privacy of our customers is of utmost t concern at Love Piece Club.
No personal information provided by our customers will be passed on to a third party and the data is managed by our highly trained staff. You can remove your personal information anytime as you wish. If you have trouble removing your data online, please contact us so that a staff member can do it for you if you wish.

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FAQ on membership registration

QDo we have to be a member to order?
AYou can enjoy shopping with us even if you are not a member! We hope we can offer the best shopping experience for all our customers.
QDo we receive an e-newsletters or direct mails if we become a member?
AYou can choose whether to subscribe to our e-newsletter or not. Our catalogue will only be sent to those who request it. When you register your membership you can decide as to whether you want our e-newsletter and/or catalogue. Please indicate your preference.
QWhat is the difference between LPC sweet member and Love-P chan club member?
ALPC sweet membership is for those who shop with us and Love-P chan club membership is for those just subscribing to our e-newsletter.
QCan I be a LPC sweet member although I have never bought anything from you yet?
AOf course!If you become a LPC sweet member, you can put your choice of items on a ‘wish list’.t. You can keep them for future special occasions and gifts which you plan to purchase in the future.

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