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Je Joue Classic Bullet purple
Je joue most small series. You can enjoy classic bullet casually wherever and whenever needed. Though its small design, its provide powerful vibrations.


Je Joue Classic Bullet purple

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●Material: sillicone + Body safe ABS
●Size: 95mm Ø22mm
●Weight: 41g
●5 speeds and 7 patterns
●Rechargeable via USB
●One year warranty
●Bland: JeJoue (UK)

販売価格:¥11,880 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01023467

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The British brand "JE JOUE" won the vibe design award for three consecutive years.
As the brand name means "I play", this is a toy brand for adults that is beautifully refined down to the last detail, from the packaging to the design of the toy.

The series of JE JOUE that we recommend this time is "Bullet".
If you like powerful vibrations, this is the one to go with!
Small, light and smart.But when you put it on the desk, the vibration is so strong that it jumps! It's just a Bullet!
Speaking of JE JOUE, the appeal of JE JOUE was the low tone vibration that resounded in the belly, which distinguished it from other manufacturers, but the new Bullet series has become more familiar with the powerful vibration of JE JOUE as it is. The new Bullet series has the same powerful vibration of JE JOUE, but in a smaller size to make it more friendly.

Insert vibes feel good, but if anything, they're meant to be enjoyed slowly and slowly, taking their time.
It's a little hard to get your hands on when you want to get a quick bite for daily use. On the other hand, there are days when the rotor alone is not enough, and I want to enjoy the penetration easily・・・.
This series is the one that fulfilled our desire!

The overall length is smaller than the iPhone and the diameter is about 5 yen.Women don't always feel good when it's big, but when it's this size, it's easy to use and feels good. This product is designed from a woman's point of view.

Because of its size, it is easy to use as both an insert and a rotor, and it feels good to use it for either purpose.

The secret is the silky, ultra-fine silicone.
The surface is so smooth that it swooshes over my skin like skating on a freshly polished rink.The whole thing is covered in this silky silicone and there's no metallic cold feeling.The big improvement this time is exactly this!n the JE JOUE up to now, the button of the metal protruded, was cold and hard, and the pressing feeling was a little difficult point.But we want you to be able to enjoy the feeling of silicone to the fullest.From this series, the buttons are now embedded under the silicone epidermis.In addition, the buttons have been improved to be light and comfortable to push!

This will allow you to enjoy the comfort of silicone to the fullest.The vibration is so strong that it is transmitted firmly even if it is not pressed firmly.When it is applied at maximum power, the power is so strong that even after the power is turned off, you can feel the lingering effects of the vibration on your hand.
Gentle and strong.There is a sense of trust that I can entrust myself with with peace of mind.Even though it is so small, there are 7 types of vibration patterns and you can choose from 5 levels of strength and weakness.
Although it is small, its high performance is outstanding among small toys with a total of 35 vibration patterns to choose from.

Among them, "Classic Bullet" has a form that looks like a real bullet.However, there is no sense of violence.That's because the beautiful burgundy color and blending silicone show that a woman's body and feelings are taken into consideration.
Plus, it comes with a belt as an accessory.If you pass the belt through the main body and fix it to your index or middle finger, the handle will not get tired even if you use it for a long time, and the numbness caused by vibration will be reduced.
In addition, because it is possible to apply it to the body in the direction where the main body was put sideways if a belt is used, it is possible to stimulate it with a "face" instead of a "point"!
If you want to use it freely without being held down, you can use it without a belt. Try it without a belt if you want to use it freely without holding it.

In addition, when the clitoris, neck muscle, nipple, and thigh...etc. are traced in a sensitive place as a rotor, the nerves in the body will concentrate as if following the trajectory of Toy.You can use it by yourself, but it's also fun to use it to pet your partner in a mischievous way!

Next to your bed, in your bag, in your pouch...a high quality toy that you'll want to use every day.If you're a beginner vibrator, I highly recommend Classic Bullett, and if you're using a multi-functional toy, the simple goodness of Classic Bullett will take you back to the origin of orgasm!

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